Monday, February 13, 2012


My hard training and racing is over for now, I have a couple of 'rest' week ahead, and my legs are telling me I need them. I worked them into the program to coincide with the start of Varsity. (I don't want to scare the 1st years off  with session of 10 x 1000m and 20 x 400m in the first week.)

Not wanting to be soft, I ended the week with a 2 hour 42 min trail run on the back table of Table Mountain. It was amazing and even though we started in the rain it didn't fall for long and it was cool the whole way. I was surprised how the path on the back table has gotten over grown over the summer. In winter the trail races take us on that path a couple of times and it gets used a lot in training.

With the run behind us I headed home to play Husband / Gardener!!!!

 Have a look at the tree outside our front door, it's just getting to big... it was CROSS TRAINING time. So instead of going to the gym, or finding the dumbbells. I got out:

Weapons of War
Yes I took these things to the tree, giving myself an upper body workout 2nd to none...

Then the clean up had to take place and I had to get every thing in my bakkie!!! (that is the picture I'm missing.) But I do have an after picture:

Maybe I'll take more off next weekend

So almost 3 hours later I had earned that beer...


  1. That's a serious trim job that tree received! Great way to "cross-train." ; )

  2. I think you missed your calling in life - hairdresser!

  3. That looks like it called for at least a two beers!

  4. Enjoy your 'holiday' and the beer.
    2hr42 is a long training run!

    1. 2h42 isn't that long when running on the mountian...

  5. I remember from biology class in highschool about stimulating the apical meristems (I have no idea if that's the right term) when trimming trees/etc., it'll cause the plant to grow back much healthier than it was before. So I love this trimming job, looks great and your tree will be even healthier now!