Monday, March 5, 2012


It always seems to be 'WEEK 1'... well this last week was the first hard week in my build up to Oceans. Yes a lot of Friends are running the 56km race and the half, I running the 22km Trail Race on the Friday so my Saturday is open to watch them pound the pavement!!!

So how did the week go:

Monday was easy in the forest, because you do know that that we need to think how the last week ended, and mine had been up the mountain... OK I ended with 15.5km because I dropped my bakkie off for my folks to use, then ran to the club and home.

Tuesday, track time and on the cards was 6 x 1000m 3:20 3:18 3:19 3:17 3:17 3:15, would have done 2 more, but was out of time. It felt easy running at that pace, so the easy weeks have got me ready for the block of training. the rest this week was 2min. Don't worry, over the next 4 weeks we will cut that down to 60 sec.

Wednesday saw us in the forest and out at Kirstenbosch bottom gate it was slow and easy 63min.

Thursday, Hills and more hills, Oceans isn't flat and those running the half need to practice running down hills or their race will go pear shaped!!! 6 times to the top was enough for the day, it's a long 450m+ hill

They went OK
Friday rest day, so I only ran an easy 7.4km in the morning. I had eaten my lunch by 11h30 and want feeling well, the stomach was in a knot and and and... Well I didn't eat till Saturday dinner and even then I didn't eat like a horse.

Saturday... I know I shouldn't of run, but I had a couple of Jelly Babies and some water and headed up the mountain for a bit of climbing. I got to the top in just under an hour, which is good, but I had taken a couple of short cuts, and the final climb was a little slow. I didn't died and wasn't feeling to bad, just a little slow. I weighed myself after my run 62.4kg!!! My racing weight of 15-20 years ago!!! So if you won't to loss 2,5kg just like that, get sick...

Sunday, and I was still at my old racing weight, so was I going to be able to race like the days of old? No it wasn't going to happen... I was at the Milkwood half and no I wasn't racing, but a solid run was called for, and I hoped to run 5-8km as a warmdown. Well after 4km I was finished had no energy (all those of you who don't eat!!! you can't run...) I hung in and even with a long km between 4-6 I was on pace at the top of the hill, OK I was a little behind, but that was always the target as with almost 2km of down hill I was on pace... But that was that, my running was over!!! I was died man walking (ok running) I was struggling to knock off 4:00/km and I needed 3;45 for the last 5km....
I was still 500m out when the clock hit 80min and I ended with 81:49. I was nice to be 3rd 40+ and in them prize, but the quest for another sub 80 would have to wait.

94.2km for the week, let us see how week 2 goes, rolling 200m's tonight!


  1. Another solid week for you (even if you are considering it week 1). Nice work!

  2. Great job with "week 1". I hope you are feeling better and able to eat and fuel properly. Just imagine how easy all that running will be with some calories in you. :) Good luck with the 200's tonight. I am dreaming of a snow free track to do speed work on!! :)

  3. 81 minutes is pretty damned fast - especially if you're feeling sub-par. Hope you're feeling better soon. It's not fun running when you're feeling sick.

  4. I stare at your elevation chart dumbfounded! That is just crazy! You need to come over to the US and kick some ass on our wimpy hills! Good running!

    1. I'm no good on wimpy hills... I can only run BIG HILLS!!!