Thursday, April 12, 2012


EASTER WEEKEND here in Cape Town is 2Oceans weekend, and if you run this is the weekend to be in town!!

From a 56meter nappy dash to a 56km road race, all are included... with a half marathon and 2 trail ran, no-one is left wanting!!! Over the years I have run the ultra 56km race 11 times, and now with a trail race in the mix I have run it 2 times, Friday would be my 3rd leaving Saturday open to follow the other races.

Having won the race last year I wanted a good showing this year as well, I didn't think I had a chance of a 2nd win, but I wanted a showing...

Went to expo...
Lots of stuf to see
Also got to look at the favorite in my race... to many!!!

Friday morning I lined up in wave 1 and set off as if the race was mine!!! I darted to the front and set the pace round the first bend and up the hill, I wasn't going to sit in the pack and wait for some-one else to make the running. I wanted to see if these guys from Jo'burg and Durban could run, yes they are 10-15 years younger than me and have sub 30min 10km to their names, would they survive 2 hours on my mountain...

Yes they could at 3km Lucky hopped up a hill and a couple of the others followed, was I lazy, was unfit, was the world against me, I don't know... I thought I was running well, but Mr. Garmin doesn't lie and looking back at last years splits I could have gone with them!!! (maybe for a couple of km) I climb the hill at 5km and caught Nic, I also should have run down Andre, but the body didn't want to move as well as last year. (we climbed about 450m to 10km). Nic did catch me on the top before we dropped down to the block house (135m drop in 400m), and at the stage I gave up racing the kids and watch my step so I would stay in front in the 40+.

I was 6th over in the line in 2h01:57 over 5min slower than last year, but did manage to win the 40+...

We had great weather for our race, but the clouds were moving in and the road runners on the Saturday had a lot of rain to contend with...

I still logged 7km of running for the day, and all of it was down in a full rain suit with umbrella!!! but that is another story...


  1. Great race and congrats on the age group win! Rotten kids. :) The weather looks beautiful in your pics - sorry it didn't hold up for the next day.

    I wish you could be there on the sidelines cheering for me in Boston too, but I will be carrying your virtual cheers and support with me. Thanks so much!!

  2. It's hard to fight young legs but you ran well, regardless. I do wonder how people actually enjoy doing hilly races - I hate them.

    1. Hilly races are slow I like running slowly...

  3. I just found your blog via Miss Zippy. Great to find it as we don't have many SA bloggers and even less SA running bloggers. Looking forward to your posts.

  4. You always run the best races! Running in 2 Oceans would indeed be awesome. Glad you are running well!