Thursday, July 19, 2012

67 Min for Mandela...

Today is South Africa's, Nelson Mandela's birthday, and at the age of 94 he's got a few years on me... Now for a man who has everything what do you give him? Well knowing that people from all over the world want to give you presents, you let it known what you want; and what does the great man want?

He want your time... He gave 67 years of his life to the service of his people, so what he asks for is that you spend 67 minutes of your time serving others. With Dawn at home again, after spending the weekend in hospital!!! I had the day off and and come the afternoon Dawn didn't need me, so I had a bit of time on my hands. Therefore time to run...

The program said: Easy run, so I thought why not 67 minutes, and to make it count I took a cheque, which Dawn needed paid in for work, and set off. After dropping off the cheque I headed to Bishopscourt. I thought it a good idea to run past Mandela's Cape Town house (he wasn't there)... After waving happy birthday I headed on past Kirstenbosch. Watching the running time the distance home I was trying to work out the right route home so I would have my 67 min...

Sorry about the 1 sec

Ok I had so I had to run around the block!!!


  1. Great idea! I just heard about this on TV today (saw that Pres. Clinton was visiting him, too). He's a great man and deserves to be honored.

  2. After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb ~ Nelson Mandela ~ so true, so very true! Happy Birthday to Mr Mandela!

  3. I saw him on the news last night. And honestly at his age what else could he possibly want?! What a lovely idea for him to suggest service for others as a gift. The gift of ourselves is often the greatest.