Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This weekend I lined up with the Cape Town masses, well the running masses... and then maybe not all of them, but in my books anything over 1000 is a big enough field. It was the Lion of Africa Half, there was a 10km as well, but I'm trying to get fit and am after the longer runs, so 21.1km it was...

With the ran only a couple of km away from home I decided to run to the start, and Dawn would jump on the bike and get a training ride in for the Argus. Like every other day that starts so early in the morning we were running a couple of minutes late and I had to run a little faster than I had planned, and then I didn't really have time to catch my breath at the race start.

So with 5.5km under the belt I was hot and sweaty as I lined up on the front line. I wasn't racing at the sub 80 I was aiming at should keep me honest but leave me with enough energy to run home...

The gun set us off down the road and the masses took off like a bullet, I asked Richard, who was looking to break 80min for the first time, were he was off too? Yes it was down hill (only a little) and 3:40 was plenty fast enough for me... It didn't take long for the race to settle and for us to catch the "rabbits" and a small group of guys to start using me to help them along... I took a split at 5km and we had been on the button 18:40. Then the gentle hills started and on the climb to 9.5 km Richard fell back a little and I slowed to let him catch up and together we climbed back into the group!!!

Now don't tell anyone, but I felt that a little and I knew it was going to require a little more work than normal for me to keep the bus together. The next 2 little bumps the same happened, but both times on the down Richard pulled us back. passing 15km in 57:00 by all means we were spot on, but the last 5 (6.1)km of any half is going to be hard work. Now having just made up a bit of time we had lost on the hills it was flattish all the way home...

Flattish my foot, it might be flat if you are out on a Sunday jog, but the climb 16km - 17km was the slowest of the day 4:03. Nic left us and kick for home with 5 to go (he was taking it easy!!!) 17km down and now behind the clock... Down past Peddlars On The Bend, and all I say to Richard was: If you want it you have to come with me...

Down the hill Richard hanging on and Rupert also still in the mix, ahead I could see Will he was also struggling in the last bit of the race, but it didn't look like we could catch him with only 4km to go. The Moroccan on the other had was there for the taking and I caught him as Dawn came back for me.

First up she told me about how exciting it was cycling up front with the leaders and how fast they were, when she started to scream at me (some might call it cheer for me) so with Rupert on my tail we passed The Moroccan. I really thought I had them, but with Dawn yelling from the bike and trying to tell me about an Avo she found while cycling up front the 2 guy also dug deep and were back in the mix...

Dam it was not over, but with my tired old body I could push no longer it was my day and I didn't really need to race them I was safely 2nd 40+ guy and my sub 80 was now in the bag... Having 3:37 and 3:35 for the last 2km we had dropped Richard who ran in in 80;20 (another PR for him, next time sub 80!)

My morning wasn't over and after a long wait for prize giving (with many beers) I ran home... Lucky for me I didn't have to run 5.5 km home as Dawn had long left and was in the green belt walking the dogs, so I headed here.

I will need a rest week soon...


  1. Part 1? You're going to make us wait to find out what happens. It's what all the best suspense writers do.

  2. Great job as always. Rest week? You take those? :)

  3. You are fast! That was a great run, well done!