Friday, July 5, 2013


I was lucky enough to watch (on TV) a Diamond League athletic's meeting, why am I telling you this? Well I think I need to become a proper runner again... I need to run track, and not just a couple of sessions on the track, I need to race!!!

So with 26 races already run this year, and while I am lucky enough to sneak the odd "old man's" prize, it's not really running... It's slow, I mean have you watched a 5000m track race:

Those boys run at a different pace to us trail runners, last nights 10km took me an hour, they run 10km in 27min!!! So the road I run on is hardly a path and up the side of a mountain and theirs is flat and made for running while my was made by mountain goats! I still dream of running fast. No I won't get near to 27min for 10km, or 13min for 5000m. I can aim at 15min for 5000m (that is 15:59) and I want that 4 min mile (4:59).

The 4 min mile, or should I say the sub 4min mile... first run by Roger Bannister back in 1954 then in 2 week (19 July) is will be 16 years since Daniel Komen ran 2 miles in sub 8 !!!

So I plan, in the summer, to see if I can get a picture of me flying round the track...

But all that said you can expect to see me running on the mountains this weekend, role on summer I have a need for speed!


  1. How about this?

  2. Running round in circles on a tartan track vs running out in nature up on a mountain with beautiful views. I know which one I'd choose and I don't like running up. But I'm sure if you put your mind to it you'll achieve what you want.

  3. I watched it online. Anytime I see Dibaba on the track my next run is faster! She gets me all fired up! I could watch these track meets over and over. Such great talent! You are racing up a storm!!

  4. After watching races with those elite runners striding so amazingly, I imagine I am them for the next few runs ...a girl can dream ....

  5. We all dream, but I'm going to get that picture and you will think I'm really flying!!!