Wednesday, January 15, 2014


It was holidays and the start of a new year... So I did what all us runners do! I looked at my running gear, shirts (not that I run with a shirt on) shorts, bags, and of course SHOES.

Now if you are anything like me, you hate throwing out old shoes as much as you love new shoes, it's a real catch 22... So as you can well guess I have a couple of old pairs lying around. A couple of pairs that should have been tossed many miles ago, and with the start of a new year what better time to go through all the pair lying around and see if any could make it to the bin...

I am very lucky to be sponsored by New Balance at the moment and I had a meeting with them on the 8th about getting new shoes, so really I had to clean out a bit.

Looking at the shelve of shoes I thought, what about a last run in those old shoes, I've got a couple of easy runs planned, so why not...

This started on January 1, Yes I put on an old pair of shoes, and went for a little run... January 2, I put on another old pair of shoes... I was in trouble now, 2 days, 2 pairs of shoes!

Do you see the problem I was facing, How long could I keep going? With the 30km on the 5th I didn't use old shoes, 30km on the road, that would have been stupid, but the 6th it was raining any after that 30, I put on a very old pair and went for a little run. It was fun, but just how long was this going to last? I planned things that I had my V2 1010's on for Saturday's 2h35 on the mountain:

I wasn't running alone, I was lucky to be running with one of SA's top ladies...

Trail is a bit over grown!
Sunday I was on the road for 20km so I pulled out my road shoes, then come Monday it was time to start training and I was now almost out of shoes...

13 days...
On Tuesday it was over... I had run in a different pair of shoes every day for 13 days, and now I had better toss a couple of pairs!!!

So what sort of mileage have I logged in the older pairs:

My old KSO 5 Fingers have 1700km logged
The old New Balance MT 00 have 1600km logged
and I have another 3 pairs with over 1000km on them...

Not every shoes is good for that sort of distance, the hard rocky trails can eat your shoes, and the endless tar can flatten any cushioning... Since I run in mostly flat shoes I can log extra mile.

Please don't think all shoes are good for this sort of mileage, we don't want you picking up any unwanted injuries.


  1. You're like the Imelda Marcos of running shoes. And I thought three pair was bad.

  2. :)
    I have them coming out of my ears too. Those are some interesting toe shoes you have there in the line up. I didn't realize you were the type!

  3. Beautiful countryside!

    I used to work in a retail running specialty store. Shoes used to tumble out of my locker at the boathouse and make my teammates laugh. At one point, I counted 16 pair in the locker...did not include the ones at home!

    May you enjoy your new shoes soon!

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