Friday, February 21, 2014


A journey that start back in 1990 when I lined up for my first Peninsula Marathon but unlike other races I haven't always been drawn to run this race...

It a point to Point marathon, so if you drive to the start and leave your car there, every step you take takes you a step closer to the finish and further from your car...

With Dawn not running she dropped me of at the start and left me to run. I wasn't racing, but just looking for an easy sub 3. A sub 3 was easy in years gone by, but as much as I run, I do fall short on a couple on long runs, so the easy sub 3 isn't as easy as it should be.

My friend Candyce was looking for a sub 3 and joined me at the start, Damian just wanted to finish, but the idea of a sub 3 bus had him joining us. After the heat of the last couple of days the 05h15 start wasn't to early and it was just fine as we set off down the Main Road. The simple aim was 21min for each 5km of the race and then FINISH STRONG...

I took the split at 5km 21:08 close enough, but Candyce needed a quick stop and I didn't see her again, I think the weeks before 27km race was still in her legs and the sub 3 wasn't going to happen this time round. I was sort of on my own as Damian seemed to slow a little. I had also wanted to run with a couple of other friends, but they had taken off like a bullet, and I had to start slow or risk falling to pieces... I was warm now and passed the 2nd lady slowing for just a moment to wish her well. I also passed the 1st lady and went through the 10km board in 41:35. So even though we had climbed a little hill into the wind I had run those 5km in 20:24. I could now see a big group of guys just ahead and a km later I joined their bus. It wasn't any bus, it was my friends who has started fast..

The next 5km passed in 20:24 and as I looked around to see who was there and you bus was over 10 people strong... The km was passing easily and 20:22 and 20:16 took us to 25km the next 5 was still good 20:51 and yes the group was still 10+ strong, but then with a little wind and a few bumps (you can't call them hills)  was slowed to 21:22.

There were 5 of us left, and unlike years in the past I was the week link, and was hiding at the back. 40km down last 5km split of 21:53, the wind and heat had slowed us down a bit and I wasn't going to push the pace... Then with 2km to go I decided to call it a day and jog home alone... My Hip Flexors which haven't worked since September were tired and I needed to look after myself, this was only a training run!!!

The last 2.2km took me 11:32 taking me home in 2h58:18, I would like to have stayed with the boys, but what would have been work and I have to look at the bigger picture. I still had my sub 3 and I would live to fight another day...

Wait... Dawn had cycle through watch us and after chatting to a couple of friends she got a lift home leaving me with her bike to cycle the 25km home!

What's another hours exercise between friends?


  1. I can't imagine that the cycling would have been fun with tired hip flexors. Ah well, sometimes husbandly duties come before tired muscles.

  2. Easy sub 3! Not many can say that. I remember a time when I could run an easy sub 4 :)