Tuesday, March 18, 2014


No not the last week of training, just the last week of hard training before African X... with one week to go it's time to taper and let the legs recover from what I have been thowing at them!

With this last hard week being full of the exciting things that us runners do I had sessions of 1000's on the track and 2 min hills at Rhodes mem, then for good measure I run for over an hour mid-week and then unlike other weekend which would find me spending half (if not all) of the morning on the mountain, I was on the road...

Saturday was the VOB 15km race and for therecord I ran with a friend and finished is 55:03, I did surge to chase a couple of 40+ men, but felt my calf, so backed off...

Sunday I cycled the Tandem down to the start of the Argus to join 35 000 other cyclists for a little ride around the Peninsula. My 15th tour with Dawn on the back. It was great fun and I will be back for more.

Dawn took the car to the start..

With the weekend behind it was time to rest / taper, or just plain old take it easy..


  1. It's not easy to take it easy, but I'm sure you'll manage! Good luck in the Africa X.....
    PS. I notice my picture also disappeared from your list of followers. Dunno how I'm going to get it back, but I'm working on it....

  2. I wondered for quite some time why you were alone on your tandem bike. And then I realised that your fellow-cyclist was the one taking the picture. Doh! I think I need a little extra sleep.