Friday, July 11, 2014


This in not a work we like to hear, and when we do, we don't believe it...

Now if you think you are bad, I'm worse!!! Oh I don't like the idea of being unable to run!!!

But let me tell you this, you really should listen to your body... My wife says I'm a little deaf, maybe I am, but then again maybe I just think I'm tougher than anyone else. That said here I sit with a broken body doing what I can to fix it and get fit again. (Do note I say: what "I" can, there are others out there who could do more!!!)

Let's first go back to Oceans 1998, yes that is a long time ago, but I lined up with a sore knee and tried to run a silver... losing 15min in the last 8km because my knee was now too sore to run! Do you think I stopped running and saw a Doctor? No, I went on running for 4/5 months.... When I did finally see a Doctor I was booked off running for a couple of months, it ended up being 9 months of 0 km weeks. I had a stress fracture of the patella.

Yes I've had a couple of calf problems over the years, but always been able to run. I like to think that while I run a lot, there are really mad people out there who run twice as much as me. I might run up to 50 races a year, but really I only put the hammer down a couple of times, I don't like pain. I'm good about taking the rest weeks and cutting back the miles...

Enough back ground:

August 20 2013, it was wet and I had a bit of an upset stomach. I remember running back to the club and thinking: these contractions are getting a little close for comfort... I made it back to the club!!! All was fine, that was till I was heading home and I climbed on my bike!!!

I don't remember if getting on the bike was hard, but some evenings after a hard run it's hard to do anything! So sitting there I kicked the stand up and started the bike... Left foot up to change gears, NO THE LEG DIDN'T MOVE!!!

Well almost not at all, it wasn't sore or anything, it just wouldn't listen to me I had no power. I remember thinking, I don't really know how I'm going to change gears. That evening I could do a sit-up, in fact I couldn't lie on my back and the stomach muscle couldn't hold the "middle-aged spread" up, it felt as if it was crushing me! There was something wrong with me, I was injured!!!

Maybe I should have taken the next day off (not running, WORK) and gone to a sports Doctor... but I didn't! It took till May before I went to see a physio and the Sports Doctor!!!

After a ultra sound it was confirmed that I wasn't pregnant!!! but I had adductor tendonitis !

Maybe it was something like this?
OK so where does that leave me? Well I've been resting for 5 weeks (not your resting my resting)!!! I ran short, slow, and flat... Now I'm fat and unfit, but the rehab might be working and I think I might get fit again one day!

So how does something like this happen?

They say it's an overuse injury, but I think there is more to it than that!!! This is my take:
  • Yes I run a lot and maybe there is a bit of overuse!
  • I don't drink water... In a normal day I have a glass of milk with my breakfast, maybe a glass or 2 of coke in the day, run in the evening (no drinking of water or sports drinks, even in summer) home for dinner... I drink with dinner, a couple of glasses of wine. Normally red and up to 3 glasses!
  • upset stomach
  • Now add those all together and I am always dehydrated... and more so on that day!!!
OK we all know that water is good for you, and I think I've been a naughty boy and now I'm in trouble!!! I think of my tendons as dry as biltong, so while I've used them a lot, because I'm dehydrated they were more prone to tear and the micro tears the us athletes cause everyday while training have been taking longer to heal...

I think I'm on the mend now but there is a lot of scare tissue and the tendons are still very tight so I still have a long way to go...


  1. I hope you heal soon. Being injured is just no fun at all.

  2. Sorry to hear that CD, know how you must feel. You have my sympathy. Like you I don't drink water either, though everyone says I should. Maybe we should start listening to them?
    Sending you healing vibes......

  3. so... you basically had problems lifting your leg? I had a very similar issue but my doctors could not diagnose...