Monday, August 25, 2014


I grew up in Newlands at the foot of the mountain and as far back as '83 you could find me running in the forest. My first run to the top of the mountain was in '88... Now-a-days you can find me up there most weekends! So when I first heard of the Ultra Trail Cape Town my ears pricked up... sounds like fun!  

Cape Town and surrounds are blessed with a couple of the countries best and oldest trail races, and with this in mind the organisers of the UTCT thought they would capture the world market with a 100km. I hope they do, it would be great to have the best of the best taking on Table Mountain.

What utra trail runner wouldn't want to run / race on my iconic Mountain!!!  
Come run
A lot of my friends have asked if I'm running... First answer is: No are you mad 100km is a long way! But now a couple of months later I'm starting to sing a new tune... the 100km is still madness and I have mad friends who will be on the start line..  But I can get my head around the 62km. That's just a long mountain marathon,  a really long marathon!!!

So were does that leave me? I will be on the mountain that day, but will I be wearing a race number or a camera? 

I can't make the call just yet 62km is still a long way and I didn't know if my body is up for it.  
I'm also away for a couple of weeks in September (that's another story on it's own.)
Special place...
I had a little look at the route 'they' have put together and you will get to run on some of the best trails the mountain has to offer, but without making us run round is circles you are going to have to join me for a run to experience the others...
If I'm on the start-line I hope to see you there, if I don't make the start-line, I hope you do... I'll be on thee mountain with my camera...


  1. This event really excites me as my mother grew up on the slopes of the mountain. She met my dad at UCT 65 years ago when he was studying medicine there. I hope to be there for the 62km but my wife is starting a new job and leave might be a problem... I'm entered for the 62km though. But I will use the most of the 15 hours we get :)

  2. It all starts with a little thought wondering if you can. You should go out and keep Johann company. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

  3. Do not be an old man you joining me.

  4. If I can run a 50k in October, you are certainly ready. Of course, I'll have lots of walking and I know you'll be pushing to win. Ha! Do it!

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