Friday, October 24, 2014


First up I think I might have turned the corner with my injury... the sessions I do are just a little faster, still a good 10-15% slower than 2 years ago, but getting there slowly!

So what now? I have a few race lined up... not that I plan on breaking any records I do plan on being on the start line!

First up is the Old Mutual 10 km race: 29 Oct. No problem, I am thinking about running with one of my athletes and helping them to a PB.

I've run 17 of them!

Then we have the Landmarks Half : 2 Nov. I've run all of these and would like to keep my record up, and then I think it's about time I ran another half, I won't race, but will use it as a training run for my next race!

On the 15 Nov is the Winelands Marathon and if I make it through the half in one piece I will head out to the Winelands to buy wine... and run a marathon! Now in years gone by a sub 3 was easy, but this year this will be different, and it will be hard work (best I get marathon training)!

Then there are a couple more 10km races I will try and line up for...

Trail? what about TRAIL... there are very few trail races left in the year, but I might look out for one to run before the year runs out.

This weekend sees the Inaugural Ultra-Trail Cape Town and while I'm not running I hope to find myself on the mountain with my camera taking a couple of pictures and getting in a couple of hours running, should be fun and maybe even an early morning!

Sitting around waiting... or resting?

Now my real aim is to get the legs working again and to head to the track, too line up for a 5000m! 

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  1. Good to hear that the injury is starting to improve. Now to get rid of it for once and for all.