Monday, February 2, 2015


Wednesday night I lined up for my 40th Trail Series race, and while things on the ground have change since 2008 it's still good to get out there and put your body on the line.. OK not everybody there is running in the red line but up front the "Kids" are turning on the afterburners!

It's had work racing these short races, right from the gun you have to go or get left behind... 100m down the track I'm out of breath and ready to blow! The lead group has opened a gap, I'm not chasing them I'm only chasing the 2nd group. I feel I can beat them all but I'm a long way off my best (20 years) never the less I'm not giving up!

The mad pace has slowed (or have my lungs just caught up? ) so as we climb the green belt to Cecelia Forest I take a few places but want more. I don't know the history of these guys but it's not about history it's about today and my legs seem to be working, the climb in Cecelia is as steep as it gets.  I pass a couple more guys and reach the gravel road still running! 1.5km -2km of climb ahead and a pack of hungry wolves behind!

Yes I turn the corner without getting caught... I can see Tsungai miles ahead and Bernard's out of sight leading the way. (My Contego Team Mates) The legs are turning over at a rate of knots but one, two, three, four people pass me before we leave the forest!

Looking to overtake!

Make that three as I threw caution to the wind on a technical section. .. but he won't drop. I close the door on him a number of times and lead him into the green belt. Like 2 F1 drivers we weaved through the green belt... I was pushing too hard and had to let him pass... with my foot off the peddle and only 2.5km to go I didn't even fight to keep my place to keep my place letting the next guy pass.

But once over a tricky river crossing, Dawn and the Jacks were there to cheer me on, the legs came to life. I was running again and hunting in my own green belt. (We do walk the Jacks here most weekends) I don't know where the energy came from but I pulled back one place, then another. .. was a third possible?


I was running fast but could I hold them off I had 3 guys chasing hard... dam why was he running so fast... I need to pick it up... I couldn't and with 30m to go I was passed..

The Start of Race 3

Sunday was race 3 in the Trail Series and while I ran the first half well I couldn't take the down hill single tracks like an F1 driver so lost a couple of places for my worst finish of the series!  Hope to be back for race number 4...


  1. Sounds like an exciting race! I didn't get a chance to watch either the mens or womens tennis final, but I'm going to go home today and hopefully watch one of them, I'm glad that Novak won!

  2. I really enjoyed this report. Felt like I was there with you being carried along. Maybe that was why you were passed at the end.