Monday, April 20, 2015


Having last run on the track in Noveber 2011 I thought it time...

OK that isn't altogether true, one of my athletes is making a comeback on the track and this was a way I could challenge him to his race...1500m! To even the playing fields he had to beat me by a second for every year I'm older than he is!

warming up on the track

The gun set us off and I let half the field go. Back in 2011 I had started hard and hurt, I wasn't letting that happen again. In the hunt for nothing more than sub 5 min I past the first 100 in about 19 sec so things looked good.

By all means I was only racing the clock, but as I past through 400m (78 sec) James yelled from the side: Why are you so slow, there is a 60 year old ahead of you! (it was a masters meeting) A 76 sec lap took me though 800 and it felt great to be running fast. (That is fast for an old trail runner)  While you can still push a track race is great, I thought I had upped the pace again but instead I had put in another 78. 300m to go and the 60 year old was still ahead, (and James was still yelling at me!) but I was closing... this wasn't for anything but only to keep James quiet... it took a lot but on the final bend I moved past him and sprinted home in 4:46.6.

I must say I'm sorry that was the last race of the season can't wait for October to race again. So is this where my future lies? racing on the track?


Ake was in town for a few days and I joined him and Will for a little at the Nek on Sunday morning...

A little different from tartan track
It was a perfect morning to be outdoor and there is no better place than the mountain for an easy long run...

The view over Constantia
We took Smuts track to Maclears...

That would be the top...
From there we took the face of the mountain to Platterklip!

It took me forever to catch them!
Looking out over cape Town
We didn't descend into the mist looking for the city, but headed back to the Nek through The Valley of the Red Gods...

It was a great morning out, and while I plan to run a couple more track races in the years to come, the mountain will always be my home!

See you on the trails...


  1. It's nice to do something different as a novelty. But you know where your running heart lies.

  2. I've often wondered whether the track is where my future lies (not that I've much future left!) for I never fail to top the British Rankings at some distance or other in my category - usually 800m. Trouble is, all the championship races are run in the space of one afternoon and whereas I used to be able to manage four I'm knackered after two races now!
    Nice post Coach. I'm envious....

    1. OK I have a plan for you:
      aim at getting to champs, but say this is my race (maybe 800m) then make that your first race and ran every thing after that...

      I once finished a 3000 steeple and had entered the very next race, a 400 hurdle, but I wanted to run a hurdle and that day seemed right.

      Good luck