Friday, July 10, 2015

Packing it on the Trail!

If you know me and don't know that I love the mountains and run on the mountains then... it's time to wake up the coffee's cold! Now While I’ve run lots of miles on the mountain I’ve also run lots of miles on the road! Now if you are heading out for a 2 hour + run on the road the you might plan your route past a couple of taps so you can stop for water, other than that I would pull on a pair of shoes and hit the road. So easy…

When hitting the trails, well it’s another story: The weather can change, you could take a tumble (not saying that this doesn’t happen on the road), you might want to stop and take a picture! And then the trail might not have any water…

So what about a pack to run with? Yes over the years I’ve run with a lot of different packs, and maybe each one I’ve run with has been better than the last, so let’s run though the packs I’ve ventured onto the trails with…

This might well be the first pack, not made for running, but a day pack!

The in the early ‘90s I found this pack…

Very Basic
Then while running The Cape Odyssey I was lucky enough to win a Salomon pack… It was a little more aimed at running and worked well.

Many Miles on the trails
I was also lucky to get my hands on a Camelbak Blowfish, and while I enjoyed running with this pack it was a little heavier (good for training) but very comfortable on the back, extra padding!

Might start using this for training again!
Now 8 years and who knows how many racing miles later it's time for a change, it's time to upgrade, it time to put a new generation pack through it paces...

So how do you choose a pack, well it's about what you need the pack for, and like all those packs before I need a pack for trail racing, something that sits comfortably on your back, holds enough water and then all the gear the race organises ask you to take on the trail… Food, Cell-phone, First Aid Kits, Rain Jackets, and sometimes a fleece! 

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on one of the best pack out there... The ULTRASPIRE ALPHA

Nice and New

WOW look at that stretchy straps in front to keep the pack from moving around and pockets in the front. I use one for a water bottle with an energy drink in, while the blader has just water. There is more to this pack than that, but...

Out for a run
Carring a full load
OK so that was me out on the mountains with a full pack seeing how it feels... Now for me who likes to run without a shirt this UltraSpire didn't leave a mark, those front stretchy straps worked well! In the past I've had "carpet burn" on my back when running without a shirt. One more thing that stood out for me was that with the front and side pockets the weight you are carring is spread round a bit and not all pulling your shoulders back, so the pack feels lighter!

Can't wait to race with this baby on...

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  1. Your last paragraph answered the questions that I had. Weather you'd get chafing running without a shirt. I was pretty sure you would - good to be wrong some times.