Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last Saturday I had Dawn up early and we headed out to Eesterrivier for the 15km race. I had been aiming at running a good time, club colours 52:15. The drive out was interesting as the mist on the N1 and Baden Powell Drive was so heavy we almost missed to turn off.

The heavy mist made for great running conditions; no wind and cool not freezing. I can't say I took off like a bullet, because I was 3 lines back and the start was slow, but I was fast enough to be on pace at the 1km mark (3:24), didn't want to run any faster. Had to work hard for the first half of the race going through 5km in 17:19 (on pace and on my own). Just before the turn around I caught 3 Juniors and 1 other Vet. At the turning Chris told me that I was still behind the leading lady, and if I didn't want to be beaten I would have to pick up the pace... It was good running in a group and we were closing the gap. We hit 10km in 34:20 and we working nicely, then one of the juniors decided it was time to surge breaking up our group as the others chased I couldn't up a gear and chase as I was already running flat out! I was still catching Tanith Maxwel and Johnny (the Vet) as they were now running together. Then with 2km to go the road seemed to get a slippery (like Diesel had been split on it) and I just couldn't keep my sub 3:30 rhythm and the gap open again. Come the last km I didn't have anything left and could just hold my pace to the tape. My time of 51:38 was the fastest I've run in a number of years. I was 33rd over all and 5th Vet so out of the money, need to choose my races better if I want to win some money!!!

I run back for Dawn who was also after Club colours she was running nicely and was easiely 71min finishing with a time of 68:01 (pitty about the 01!).

Next road race will be a 10km to see what I'm made of!!!

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