Friday, November 26, 2010


So what is the best way to recover from a marathon, and how have I been recovering from my marathon?

For the best and fastest recovery I would go with the ice bath 10min after finishing, followed by a good sports massage. Now I don't know about you, but my balls would freeze if I ever got into an ice bath, so I picked up a piece of ice at the Coke stand and gave my quads a good ice rub. Then I headed for the VOB (my Club) tent and sat down with a couple to many beers...

I was really quite good and didn't do any exercise on the Sunday (it was raining or I would have been out on the bike.) So Monday I was back at the club for my first recovery run!!! No warm up just 11 x 100m ok I did walk to the start. I wasn't running fast, I was just stretching the legs and all I really wanted to do was break 20sec. (I might have been a little faster). Tuesday was more of the same, but only 10 of them. My legs were starting to feel like normal.
Wednesday called for something different so I popped up to VOB to help one of my athletes break 18min for the 5km TT. I could write a long story about how we went out fast and how he was toast as we climbed the hill, but I finished with 17:55 while he was 2 sec back under 18min, he was happy...

I was going to get back into things on the weekend, but on Saturday I had to go wine tasting at 08h30 so I took the dogs for a walk and ran 2.5km with them in all of 20min... While the afternoon was spent up a tree!!! (pruning) Then in the evening we had our end of year function, and after a couple of hours of cross-training on the dance floor, I took my wife home for a well earned rest.

Tomorrow is the start of a new week, and training will start again...


  1. Great job on your marathon!! You are awesome. That sucks for boys because I love ice baths!! Sports massage is the way to go:) Good for you to get out so quickly again!!

  2. Thanks for pulling me through the 5km in under 18:00. Glad I could assist in your post marathon recovery.

    Thanks again!
    The Toast Guy

  3. Thank you for all your thoughts on this knee issue! i have been reading born to run and am intrigued by barefoot running but not sure if I could fully commit to it. I would be willing to try though...I'd try anything!

  4. You don't have to fully commit to it, use it in your training like hills and mile reps... so maybe you do an easy run on a monday barefoot and then your warmup could also be barefoot. what ever fits into your program. Good luck.