Monday, May 16, 2011


With African-X behind me it is time to focus on my marathon...

The weeks are ticking by and I need to get into the marathon training mode and to tell you the truth this scares me! (are you ever scared of the training that lays ahead of you?)

Let me tell you a little about this marathon, yes it is 42.2km long, but I have 1944m of climb to contend with, and all of that at over 1000m altitude!!!

So let me break this down a bit: Let us say I was training for London, New York, Boston or anything fast and flat I would be training to run a sub 2h40... (I believe I still have one of those in me) but in this race I will be lucky to run 3h40. I'm going to be out there for an hour longer than normal. I think I need to up my training...

I've got an OK base with 6 of the last 10 weeks over 80km, and now with only 7.5 weeks till I race I would like to up the distance and see if I could put in another 5 week over 100km. No cheeting on the program!!! That said I was up at 05h00 with the plan to run, but got worried that I might be doing to much, so I climbed back into bed. (it was cold and dark outside) Tonight I have a friend Birthday so I might have to cut a bit of training. (I still need the miles, so I will start early and do a longer warmup).

With Wednesday being Voting day I have time to train... Watch this space, if the weather plays ball I'll take a couple of pictures as we explore the mountain in the morning.

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  1. yay for pictures! I can't even imagine that elevation! You would fly over here on an american course. We bitch about 200 feet in a 10k. haha You'll nail it though, as always ; )