Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It's been such a long time since I have run a good MARATHON that I don't know if my body wants to be a marathon runner any more...

We'll find out on Saturday.

Now before Saturday we have to get through today, Yes today, well tonight I run a 10km race. Don't worry I'm not racing I'm going to run with a friend, the aim 38:59 (OK she wouldn't mind anything faster). This is the race my wife ran her PR on, so if the route is the same we could help Candice to a PR (not that we can count it as she will be running with a man!!!).

So what does one do in the days before a marathon? Well I back off the running (yes I taper) and I look over how the training has gone, the log book never lies!!!

So what does the log book say?
  1. 91.7km week before (25km, 5km, 30.6km, 45.9km, 65.3km)
  2. 104km
  3. 98.6km
  4. 104km
  5. 100km
  6. 55.1km (no morning runs)
Mileage tick.

Long runs:
  1. 25km 2h19 half mountain half road.
  2. 26km 1h59 on the road
  3. 28km 2h58 over the mountain
  4. 30km 2h21 on gravel with a pack a lone
  5. Half marathon hard plus 5.4km and 3 easy in the evening
  6. 12km 51:53 one week to go.
Long runs tick.

  1. Tuesday 4 x 600m, Thursday 6 x 100m.
  2. Tuesday 3 x 3km, Thursday Hills.
  3. Tuesday Hills, Thursday 12 x 200m.
  4. Monday 12 x 200m, Thursday Hills.
  5. Tuesday 8 x 1000m, Thursday 15 x 400m., Saturday 10 x 200m
  6. Tuesday 2 x 1000m, Thursday 10 x 200m.
Speed tick.

  1. Easy running (it was an easy week before the Marathon training started!)
  2. Easy running, Saturday 10km race fast tempo.
  3. Easy running, Wednesday 10km race easy tempo, Sunday 10km Marathon Pace.
  4. Easy running, Wednesday 10km race hard!!!
  5. Easy running, Sunday Half marathon hard!!!
  6. Easy running, Wednesday 13km trail race hard tempo.
So the home work is done, lets hope I can pull it off, pull what off? Well I want to... Here I go again putting my head on a block.

I hope to be able to take a friend through for his 1st marathon. The plan 4min/km till 30km than I hope to be able to go 'hunting' and chase down any 40+ men ahead of me. My wife will be on the side of road to let me know.

So here's to hoping I'm not the one been chased down... (that happened last year.)


  1. I think you're good to go based on that nice mileage. Good luck with it!

    I'll pass along your shoe question to the sock doc, btw.

  2. I think you're gonna do great. You did the work, and the race should show it. Good luck!