Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Weekend on the Breede

With the 16th/17th been a holiday I took the 14th and the 18th off work to make it a long weekend, note to self here: we need to do this more often:

After a short morning run we packed the car:

All ready to go
and headed out...By lunch we were there:

Parked the car in the shade

And moved in for the weekend
We spent the weekend:

Cheese and Wine tasting at some of the near by farms.
We also did a bit of exercise on the river:

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Now as we drove there I look out the window of the car and other than the vineyards I saw:

A little hill over the river...

With a little road to the top!!!
Now I'm not very good at looking at a hill without wanting to run up it. So after an easy 10km out and back on the Saturday morning I Started to hatch a plan... But first let me tell you about the 10km run: It was up the gravel "drive way" 1km onto the gravel road about another km then I headed out on the tar till it was time to turn. On the way back I picked the pace up and ran 2 fast km 1st 3:44 and then a 3:19. Was very pleased when that km was over...

Now Sunday morning I left Dawn and the puppies in bed and headed down to the river. I first had to paddle across the river before I could start my run...
It was a 6:15 run to the gate, which I jumped over and headed up... Monster Climb about 300m up in the 2.4km to the top. I gave Dawn a quick call to tell her I was at the top and then the silliest of things happened, I looked at Ms 310 and did a little maths, I would have less than 8km if I just went back, so I decided to go down and up again...

2 Hills would not have looked good!!!
Up 15:14 down 13:05
Up 15:48 down 12:20
Up 15:39 down 11:05

Then I headed back...

I also needed a long run, so on the Monday I set off down the road we had driven in on... it was about 12km to the bridge, which I crossed and then headed back on the other side of the river. 23.5km took me to where I had crossed the river the day before, but the Canoe was on the house side!!! I had to swim the 300m across the river...

Don't worry I didn't only excerise when we were at the house:

Food needed to be cooked!
Then, all too soon the sun set and it was time to pack the car and head home:


  1. Wow--that looks absolutely amazing! And I LOVE how you got your run in. Being a dumb American, I am picturing you having to avoid all kinds of large animals in the course of the paddle and run. Clearly you are safe, though!

    1. No wild animals on this run, but once a long time ago I was running in a game park, and turned a corner and almost ran into a 3meter giraffe...

  2. I need a weekend like this badly, its been a while (forever). Mile repeats on the treadmill today, jealous? thought not.

    1. On a treadmill, but what is the point, you can't write that in your log book!!!

  3. I think you should always end a long run with a little swim. Next you'll be throwing a bit if cycling in and you'll be trying a tri.

  4. Very beautiful! I'd like to run that "hill" one day!

  5. Thanks for your advice this year - Happy Christmas... Breandán

  6. What a fantastic weekend! Happy New Year's Eve!