Wednesday, March 6, 2013



On Saturday I lined up for another 10km race, but this time I wanted to run fast, so like all you hot shot runner out there I pulled out the racing shoes:

If I pull these out I mean business...

I was there (Century City) in good time, so was the wind... but that wasn't going to stop me. I had time for and wait for it did, a proper warm up, 3km with strides and all.

Standing on the start line I looked around and all the old men were there so the race for money wasn't going to happen, but today it was about the clock!!!

With the starters gun the clock started and we set off down the road. 1km down and the lead ladies were still ahead of us, and the 2nd place 50+ was also there, I had one of my athletes just behind and one just ahead, while my friend Roger was next to me with a couple of other guys. We passed 2km in 6:46 and caught the 3rd placed lady. Then we caught the group of guys with the lead ladies and I went straight past taking with me the lead lady and Roger, 3km 10:07. Now running this fast can't be go for one, because i can't really remember much more of the race...

OK The lead lady dumped me at about 4km (this could be partly to blame for my sudden loss of memory) and I was left to fight the wind through 5km 16;56. I was still running fast, but it was hard work with the wind and I felt I wasn't really getting anywhere. As the km past I was clock watching and doing all sorts of maths in my head. 3km to go 10:00 or just under would give me 34;00...

No it wasn't going to happen Mr Wind was in my face and I felt I was going backwards. The running wasn't smooth, but with 1km to go I start to run down the lead lady, we had the wind at our backs and I was working hard 3:13 fastest km of the day and that was for the last km... But more importantly I had chased down the lead lady and passed her on the grass finish!!! 34:35 my fastest time is 5 years!!!


Sunday evening I headed onto the mountain for a long run. Parking at Constantia Nek I set off at 17h00 up the concrete road. Yes I was slow, the first 5km took my 32:52 (I did climb 468m)

Looking down to the Nek
After 5km I hit the single track and it was quiet no-one up there Iit felt as if it was my mountain (which it is) I took time to look at the flowers:

I had many miles to go and the sun wasn't going to be up all night... So I hit the trail once again:

I got the McClear's Beacon at 18h22;

Top of the Mountain
There were a couple of people up there and as I headed off the Platterklip I passed a couple more (Cable Car users!!!) I didn't head down the face of the mountain, but turn through the Valley of the Red gods and headed for the Dams...

Perfect evening
The sun was low now...

From there it was a mad dash to beat the ever closing darkness...


  1. Love the pics. Great run!

    In regards to your comment on my past post, no - the virtual "race" I did for Gabby was not a reflection of my current speed, and as I said, it wasn't a race effort - it was just a 12 mile run with some tempo-ish miles in the middle that I used to participate in and support Gabby's race.

    I do plan on racing some shorter races, however it is still the middle of winter here in Wyoming and there are NO races now (roads have inches of ice on them) and I can't afford to travel for 5ks and 10ks, so I will have to wait until the warmer weather reaches us.

  2. The races are great but it's runs like your slow one that really feed my soul. Being out there in nature and seeing the sun rise or set. That's what running's all about.