Monday, October 18, 2010


I know I have only really had the hammer down for 2 weeks, but I feel I need a rest this week or my body might not hold together till Winelands. Since TMC on the 18th of September I have needed a bit of time to nurse the body back into running shape. That first week I did very little as I needed my calves to loosen up and my quads to recover from the race. I ended up testing my body at the Hermanus half just a week after TMC... well if it had been a 15km I would have been a whole lot happier... The last 5km went past as if they were Miles!!!

Anyway I now had a starting point for Winelands and the training had to start. I would like to run a sub 2h40, but that is still a long way off. I'm taking it 1 week at a time and with 3 weeks down it's now time to rest and take stock of how things are going:
Week one was just building back up and trying to get things working well, so after an easy recovery run on the Monday I started with 3 x 1000m on the the Tuesday. Wednesday was 55min on the mountain while Thursday was reduced to just a 5km warm up... Just wanting a bit of time on the legs I headed for the mountain on both days of the weekend. The week was over and with only 66.5km logged I was a little short on the kays, but I was still running and ready for the new week.
The next 2 weeks I was over 90km with 6 x 1000m and plenty of extra km on the track at marathon pace (3:50). I try and run a km or 2 before training or as a warm down to get the body use to running at sub 4 and to notch up those valuable kays. Wait for it I even was up at 05h00 for a couple of morning runs. Last weeks long run was 3h15 on the mountain then this Sunday I took to the road and knocked of 30 in 2h15.

I know I can't keep this up without breaking down, so it's rest week time... Now taking stock I can tell you that if the race was next Saturday I would aim at 2h50. I might end up wanting in the last couple of kays, but that is what marathon running is all about. So the question is can I get there, I just don't know. I will give it my all and taking it one week at a time I'll give it a crack.

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