Monday, October 11, 2010


So I think I should invest in a Garmin or something. Not one to buy on instinct I've started looking around. I see the 205 is still out there, then there is the 305, and the new 310XT and the 405 and who know what else?
So what should I look at? I don't really like heart rate monitors, so I leaning towards a 205. I like the look of the 405, but I work for the State, and I don't think striking for our increase will give me enough money to afford a 405...
Now all you gadget people out they is there anything else on the market I should be looking at? The rand is strong so there are bargins to find.

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  1. Dion, I got the 305 at Christmas and I love it :) Best running gadget I ever got. If you are looking only for GPS then the 205 (same as 305 without the HR) is the way to go. The 405 is OK, but overrated, and the 310 is basically just an updated 305.

    So my 2 cents would be either a 205 / 305!