Monday, February 7, 2011


I can't believe I found myself lining up for another race on Saturday... Now unlike other days I was the one watching Dawn and the other guys go off for the half. I just though it would be to hard work running hard (not fast) for 21.1km so I would start 30min later in the 10km race. 15+ year ago when i was a would be fast runner I would go out hard and be hurting by 3km. If I wasn't hurting i wasn't going hard enough, now I'm scared. I never go out hard anymore, I do however try and run people down...

That said, without a warmup I was running flat out and feeling the pace, Oloff, who was running with me, look comfortable as we past the first km in 3:36. I was working hard and watching the field. Jonny was 1st 40+ and Owen 2nd, while a group of us made up 3rd-6th. We made a turn and I could shout at Owen, so I did!!! "I'm coming to get you" and that was my plan. by 5km I was alone in 3rd and closing on Owen. I past another senior and now it was just Owen and the last 2km. I caught him on a hill and was running hard, he come with me, but gave up. If he had just hung in a little longer I would have been toast. Today I would have the better of him but if I want to stay ahead I had better get fit.

I had pushed far to hard and (by my standards) not run a very good time...

This was 10km number 185 and my time of 36:27 was 116th fastest and slower than my average time...

So would it of been easier to have lined up for the half and run with a couple of the 'boys'?

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  1. Nice run! That is great that you get to run with your students too. I'm not sure what race is harder between 10K and half marathon. I would say maybe the half marathon is harder simply because it is longer, so it takes more out of your legs. But running a 10K requires a faster pace than half marathon, so that also hurts. =)