Saturday, February 5, 2011

This was the start of Wednesday's trail race, there I am in the middle with the calf 'warmers' and the peak cap on. I had only decided to run this less than a week ago, and my training hadn't been adapted till the last minute... On the program for Tuesday was 8 x 1000m at 5km pace with 60 sec rest. I only did half the session and left the boys to run on...

So what about the trail race, well with a profile like this:
I had to see if any one was up for a little hill climbing... Well one other guy came with me as we climbed the first hill, but 500m from the top I got ahead and opened a small lead. It wasn't big enough as he caught and past me on the start of the down hill, but that lead didn't last long. As the down hill get 'steep' very steep I went past and left him. With the twists and bends of the cause I couldn't see what lead I had as we reach the 2nd hill.
This hill was even steeper and to be honest with you I didn't feel up to running the whole way up, so I walk, power walked. I know I should have run, but I was week after a couple of heavy weeks and I was really only after a vets win. That said I was in front and I do have a competitive edge to me, so I wanted a win win. I took a split at one point before the last pull to the top and caught a peak at 2nd place, he was 90 sec back. Down the hill and back to the finish I just kept moving. I though if I was running at sub 4min/km I couldn't get caught. And I wasn't, in fact I had won by almost 2 min.

I do love running trail races, I just didn't like having to race, racing is hard!!!
This is me coming in. Yes my peak is off, with the temp still up in the high 20's (it was about 30 when we started) I was trying to cool down...

The beer I had while waiting for prise giving went down well. This race was run on a wine farm, and I know I should have been drinking wine.


  1. Congratulations on the race -- looks like an intimidating course profile.

  2. Congrats on the win! That is an intense course profile, I've ran a couple races that are close to that profile, but usually they only have 1 big hill and not 2, haha

  3. Last year there were 3 bumps like that...