Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Here in Cape Town it is Summer and with the long hot days it is just perfect for training and cross training.
So to start with you might hop on the old bike and put in a couple of rides, it is Argus Cycle Tour time. Then we all know some-one who is a tri-athlete or IRONMAN so join them for a swim, not in the pool, but in the ocean or in the dam.

Yes I've been on the bike and yes I swim now and then, but my cross training dosn't stop there:

I climb the 227 stairs to the office in the mornings and down in the afternoons. I don't take the stairs at lunch, but I do leave the building and head to Town for a walk...

Walk up St George's Mall

And back past Greenmarket Square

Then I had to put petrol in the bike, so I found myself at the Waterfront, and took a walk around.
I stopped at the Clock Tower.
It was a windless day

Not even a cloud on the mountain.

Tonight is a 5km TT so let us hope the bits of training inbetween the cross training pays off.

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  1. Ugggh I'm jealous that it is summer there and I am even MORE jealous of those gorgeous pictures you just posted! :P

    As you know I run stairs :D A LOT and I've started doing some spinning (but indoors). I do have to start swimming soon, but I'd rather wait till it gets warm so I can swim in the bay and the ocean.