Monday, August 23, 2010


Saturday saw the running of the WPCCC and having run OK at the start of the season with a couple of 3rd and 4th places I thought I was in with a chance of a medal. Then a number of weeks ago I tore my hamstring and didn't realy run for almost 3 weeks. Now with a week and a half of training done I was lining up hoping to be back in shape...
We were running the same course as league 4, and I think back then I picked up a 3rd place. Now as you stand there on the start line you alway have a little look around to see who is there... Well things have changed since League 4... Graham is now 40 and is favourite for gold, Shaun has also turned 40 a couple of weeks ago and with a 1:51 800m at the begining of the year he should take silver. (maybe he'll go out to hard and come back to us the following pack, we can but hope!)

I had to go out with 3rd in mind, but as we rounded the 2nd corner Isaac came flying past and then John and some guy from Defence who I don't really know. I stayed with the 2 of them into the wind down the long back straight, but then lost them. With 2km down I was going nicely and was sort of stuck in no-mans land. I would like to say that is were I stayed for the next 6km, but 2 more guys caught me and again I could only hold on to them for the long back straight into the wind. I ran the last 4.5km on my own with the 1st 50 year old chasing me. I was pleased to keep him at bay as he had beaten me in League 2 a couple of moths ago... My time of 28:06 was 28sec slower than before and only 33 sec off 4th place and a bronse medal (Isaac, who finished 3rd, is from Boland).

now it's all eyes on TMC

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