Monday, March 26, 2012

107.5 NOT OUT

The last couple of weeks (OK 8 of them) I have been trying to reach 100km and falling short for what ever reason. (OK I did have a couple of easy weeks were I didn't really what 100.) Now the last 3 weeks I have not had a long run, in fact I haven't been over 23km since Red Hill 36.2km back in January! With a 30km race on Sunday this week I had every chance to get the mileage back up there and get a much needed 30km in...

So let's have a look at the week:

Monday: Always like to start the week off easy, and after a gentle run in the forest, I headed onto the track for a couple of km's, but stopped at 1, so that gave me 11 for the day. (1km short of the master plan, but no sleep lost.

Tuesday: and I had a meeting in the evening, so I had to run in the morning. The alarm rudely awakened me at 05h00 so I could cover the miles before work... I was missing the evenings speed session of 6-8 x 1000m, so I need a little work on this run... HILLs, but not reps, just my hills morning route.
Tuesday evening... and yes I had a meeting, well 2 meetings, the first I organized because of the 2nd, so after leaving work at 16h00 (normal time) I popped over to meet the guys at MOBII to learn a bit about their GPS, sound like fun and something I want to get my hands on...
Meeting 2 was with the Guys from Contego!!! I like these guys, they gave me all this gear and said go run...

I had better start running

OK I need a hair cut...
Coming home it was like Christmas and Dawn said: you are going to have to make room for the new stuff, So I climbed into the cupboard and tossed out a couple of old t-shirts...

They are all going to the club for development Athletes
Wednesday: was a public holiday and Durbanville had a half marathon to go with WP 10km champs... knowing I didn't (should) have a chance of a medal and wanting the extra mileage I lined up for the half.

Quick report:
Wasn't planing on racing, just wanted a hard run. (OK I don't think I would have gone any faster if I had raced!!!) So I set out at a comfortable pace and hit 5km in 18:20, and it didn't feel to bad. 10km and I was still running with William 36:10, he had pushed a couple of the downs and I had pulled a couple of the ups. We then turned and headed back the way we had come...
On that first hill I dropped William and was on my own, he pushed the down and almost caught me but the next up... 15km 55:37 I had struggled for the last 2km but with the last 6 only having one 'easy' hill I would be OK to the end. I though I had buried William, but with 2km to go he flew past me... I let him go. Not that I could go anything about it, and finished strong.
78:57 placed me 6th and 2nd 40+ (field was week because of 10km champs, and it think 1 guy got lost in the last 5km as we joind the slow 10km guys.)

Thursday: track, nothing to hard as I had run a good half the day before... So we took to the track with fast slow 200s! I aimed at fast at 3km pace and slow at half pace. I think I was on target knocking off fasts at 36-38sec and slows at 56-59 sec (240m, our track in long).

Friday: needed a rest, so I went short and flat in the morning... 7.4km

Saturday: I slept in before heading out for a little run! Just 18km up the mountain.

Sunday: Yes the 30km race, let's get this right from the start... I wasn't racing. But when you hear that gun, and you are alone without your friends to hold you back... The William I was running with in Wednesday's race was there and he set a nice pace, way to fast, but a nice pace, 5km in 19:09 I had wanted 20! I didn't know which of the 40+ guys were there, but I had seen Grahamn and Johnny, and then one of the twins were just ahead, was I in 4th?
10km in 37:40, No I cried, too fast, The Twin had blown, so we past him... Dawn was in the car with the puppies watching the race and chatting to me as the flat start to the race ended!!!  It isn't till 13km that the really hill starts and and by then I was alone having dropped William and 2 other guys running with us. Dawn drove past telling me I was 4th 40+ and the 1st guy was leading the race!!! Good no more pressure, I still caught a couple of guys on the hill, and even stopped for Coke at the top. (15km 58:41) But we were a long way from the finish and I had to run on. 21km 82:30, The Owen past me, another 40+ guy... Oh Dear!!! 4th place is nothing, but... I climbed the hill and past him, so much for an easy 30... the last 5km were down hill and I had to stretch the legs 3:40  3:38  3:23  3:40  3:33...

I finished with a 1h56:56 22nd place and 4th 40+ (a 40+ Best)

107.5km for the week, nicely done. 1 more week of hard training then it's time to back off and race!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012


This is the end of week 3 of 5 hard weeks in my build up to Oceans. I'm running the long trail race, which was 22km last year and took me 2hours06... Now that time was good enough to win last year, but this year I'm guessing I'll have to be 10min faster if I want a chance of winning again. So am I on target:

Short answer, NO, long answer, maybe... So how did this last week go?

Monday, easy forest run, recovery after the cycle tour on Sunday.

Tuesday, 15x400m good session 75sec ave...

Wednesday, 15km midweek long... Run nicely.

Thursday, hills and more hills... 6 hard and 1 easy, ave 2:10..

Friday, easy morning run.

Saturday, wanted a long run, but has 'stuff' to do in town, so I hatched a plan... How about a run when I was finished! So at about 10:00 I put my stuff in my pack and set off for a run from KLOOF NEK.. and headed for:

Lions Head
 I haven't been up there in over 20 years and thought it would be a nice idea to pop up there as an easy Saturday run...

Table Mountain behind me
The climb from the car park took 21:50, I know it's not very fast, but you won't believe how busy the mountain was and I had to go round the chains (short cut). Coming down was the same story and I found myself waiting for a couple of kids climbing up the chains...

From there I still needed a bit of distance to I had to Signal Hill

Lion's Head to the right, it looks a long way up...

before heading back. I was out for 1hour 20 and had only run 13km. Not really enough km but long enough of the clock...

Sunday, what a busy day: I was on the road just after 07h00 (1km later I was in the Green Belt) heading for the mountain. I headed up the green belts to Cecilia Forest and then up Cecilia Ravine (forest stairs!!!)

Not my picture and not me in the picture...

I kept a slow jog up and down and up and up, then up again to the Bridle Path and up over the bridge and the tap, turning when Mr Garmin said 10km (64:20, 690m climb) ran back on the 'road' to the Nek and the back home through Die Hell. 22km (again not long enough), but 1h59:59 was plenty

Church at 10h00 and then off the the African Cross Country Champs... it was all it bit of a rush, but we got the see the :

Top Ladies
The ladies had already started and were 3km down...

Next up Men:

At the start
Still running at sub 3min/km
and yes there where a couple of SA guys...

Taking the corner
It was very exciting and there is nothing like seeing those guys eat up the km's... And all to soon there where 2 guys left fighting for a win...

Yes the Kenyan won, just look how easy, he speeds up to pass before the last little hills, 200m from the end, keep the sound down, I was getting excited as they ran past...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Look at that week 2 is now a thing of the past, and what a week...

So were does one start? I could start with the weekend of races and all that excitement, but you will have to read on, I'm starting with Monday
  • Monday: With a 10km race in Town I moved the 1st session of the week to Monday so we could have plenty of Athletes a) doing the session and b) running the race, if I had kept the session on Tuesday those wanting to run the race would have lost out on a session as they would have felt it a good thing to rest/take easy the day before a race... It was a great session, the wind was blowing something special and we were in luck as I had fast slow 200m on the cards. So with the wind at our backs we took off running fast. OK a couple of the guys ran fast I'm still slow... 36 ish sec but I'm a lot stronger than the  youngsters and my slows were a lot faster than theirs. I was running in my New Balance Minimus 00 and it was easy and I just kept going 10 - 15 and decided that 17 fast would be enough for the day.
graph of fast slow looks good
  •  Tuesday: Just an easy run in the forest.
  • Wednesday: I didn't run the race, and took the guys felt behind for an easy road run of 12km.
  • Thursday: Hills!!! In my quest to get fit and strong I ran with a pack... OK I am a trail runner and am required in longer races to carry my own water and stuff, so I like to train with a pack on from time to time. Carrying that weight made it hard work and I started to loss it on number 5, 2:08  2:08  2:08  2:12!!! then I was finished 2;20...
  • Friday; started at 5h15 when I popped out for an easy jog around the block. It didn't end there I spent my lunch registering for:
EXPO here we come.

Lots of people lots of biking stuff
  •  Saturday: Race day, well I wasn't racing, I was just going to run the race... I left home on foot. (the race starts 2km from our place) with plenty of time to spare... Now since my Sunday was a little full I knew I needed a couple of extra km this morning, so I ran a little 8km loop to get to the start! (was lazy and should have aimed at 10-12km). The race went well, I set the pace for a friend looking at dipping under 57min. We had a nice group and the km were easy 18:33 at 5km and 36:48 at 10km, then we climb a little hill and I decided to run down a couple of team mates... so I didn't slow!!! I know I didn't need to, but!!! don't worry I did check over my shoulder and Stef was doing just fine. I wasn't able to pick the pace up at the end, so settled for holding it at 3:40ish... I finished in 55:46 coming 36th and 4th 40+.
  • Sunday: Cycled day... with the bike packed in the car we drove to the start and joined the other 30 000!!! 
Spider webs on the bike!!!
It was warm and going to get hot, but the wind wasn't blowing so it was going to be a great day out...

The start line for group DD
Dawn waiting to start
We started at 7h56 a good 1hour 40 behind the leads... So there was no ways I was going to win, so we took it easy and waved to the crowds:

OK Dawn waved and I peddled
The winners finished the 110km in 2h36, and if you half our time of 4h59 (there are 2 on us) we would have won!!!

Yes I still went for a run that evening, but only had time for 8km as I had spent the afternoon moving furniture for my folks...

Look at that another week gone and I don't feel any fitter, I need to get in a long run this weekend...

Monday, March 5, 2012


It always seems to be 'WEEK 1'... well this last week was the first hard week in my build up to Oceans. Yes a lot of Friends are running the 56km race and the half, I running the 22km Trail Race on the Friday so my Saturday is open to watch them pound the pavement!!!

So how did the week go:

Monday was easy in the forest, because you do know that that we need to think how the last week ended, and mine had been up the mountain... OK I ended with 15.5km because I dropped my bakkie off for my folks to use, then ran to the club and home.

Tuesday, track time and on the cards was 6 x 1000m 3:20 3:18 3:19 3:17 3:17 3:15, would have done 2 more, but was out of time. It felt easy running at that pace, so the easy weeks have got me ready for the block of training. the rest this week was 2min. Don't worry, over the next 4 weeks we will cut that down to 60 sec.

Wednesday saw us in the forest and out at Kirstenbosch bottom gate it was slow and easy 63min.

Thursday, Hills and more hills, Oceans isn't flat and those running the half need to practice running down hills or their race will go pear shaped!!! 6 times to the top was enough for the day, it's a long 450m+ hill

They went OK
Friday rest day, so I only ran an easy 7.4km in the morning. I had eaten my lunch by 11h30 and want feeling well, the stomach was in a knot and and and... Well I didn't eat till Saturday dinner and even then I didn't eat like a horse.

Saturday... I know I shouldn't of run, but I had a couple of Jelly Babies and some water and headed up the mountain for a bit of climbing. I got to the top in just under an hour, which is good, but I had taken a couple of short cuts, and the final climb was a little slow. I didn't died and wasn't feeling to bad, just a little slow. I weighed myself after my run 62.4kg!!! My racing weight of 15-20 years ago!!! So if you won't to loss 2,5kg just like that, get sick...

Sunday, and I was still at my old racing weight, so was I going to be able to race like the days of old? No it wasn't going to happen... I was at the Milkwood half and no I wasn't racing, but a solid run was called for, and I hoped to run 5-8km as a warmdown. Well after 4km I was finished had no energy (all those of you who don't eat!!! you can't run...) I hung in and even with a long km between 4-6 I was on pace at the top of the hill, OK I was a little behind, but that was always the target as with almost 2km of down hill I was on pace... But that was that, my running was over!!! I was died man walking (ok running) I was struggling to knock off 4:00/km and I needed 3;45 for the last 5km....
I was still 500m out when the clock hit 80min and I ended with 81:49. I was nice to be 3rd 40+ and in them prize, but the quest for another sub 80 would have to wait.

94.2km for the week, let us see how week 2 goes, rolling 200m's tonight!