Friday, September 10, 2010


So last week I was doing a set of 15 x 400m, and things were going well I had run the first 4:

77.6 77.4 77.9 77.3

So things were going well, that was till about 170m into the 5th when my calf decided that 4 and a half was enough.

I might be the Coach with years of experience and all, but if Mr Calf says 4 and a half is enough, then well it's time to call it a day... I jogged through to the finish in 85sec.

The next day been Friday I took the day of training and with a day of rest I was ready for Saturday. Saturday you might ask, well I was heading up my mountain again... In fact I was taking Eddie for a little run through Orange Kloof and around to Llandudno corner, up over the Apostles to Kasteels and back to the car over the dam wall. Mr Calf put up with this run, but let me know that is was not very happy by not letting me walk for the rest of the day!!!

So with 2 week to TMC I had to do something to keep fit, so I entered the Argus and did all the training needed... I cycled to the club Monday to Thursday and got faster every day! (With a top speed of 72km/h not bad for a MNT bike with smooth nobbles.) At the club I ran a couple of laps of the track barefoot getting to 4km on Thursday. This is the same day that Stef sent out an email looking for people to do a 30+km run with. So I suggested a route and told then I would cycle as they ran.

My route, over Ou Kaapse Weg turning left past the golf course and back along the Main Road, nice for road runners, but they aren't really road runners, so Stef said great, well go up through the forest and into Silvermine, take the Wagon Trail down and then as we pop out on Ou Kaapse Weg we can turn off past the Golf Course.

There was only one short 500m stretch where I had to get off my bike and push to stay with them. Well I didn't ride through Silvermine with them, but popped down the road and up the Wagon Trail till we met.

It was the most perfect day to be out, and I wish I had taken my camera, so I could have taken a couple of pictures of them running on the mountain. This picture of St James will have to do I took it with my phone...

I couldn't get one of them running, so I captured them recovering round the tap, just before they left me to run on the catwalk.

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