Friday, November 12, 2010


Yes the land of CHOCOLATE is calling us. A couple of months ago Dawn said she wanted an overseas trip in 2011 so we looked around Holiday Time . Well yesterday she was looking at the Zermatt marathon web sight and saw that the places in the ultra had already fulled. (not that we wanted to run the ultra) So we thought we should have a look and see how the number looked in the marathon. Well he next thing I know we had entered...

So I thought I should have a look at the web sight and see what we are letting ourselves in for... Well looking at the profile it doesn't really look that bad, it only has 3 hills. The 1st from the start till about 32km then we have a short down and a short but steep up followed by about 5km of down hill before the last 3km climb. Should be a piece of cake!!!

I think I'm going to have to become a hill running machine!!!

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  1. Only about 42 kms... and only 1500m up hill! That's 50% more than climbing up Table Mountain from the beach. Just 3 little hills. Will Dawn be running, too?
    Will you be wearing your gorilla feet?