Monday, April 16, 2012


The start of a new week, while Cape Town runners still have Oceans fresh in their minds and the US looks to Boston... Europe has just had Rotterdam and Paris, and the UK has London next week, Marathons a plenty if you ask me!!! Maybe later in the year I'll run one, who knows! but till then the mountain is my playground...

Most of my runs, like most of your runs are from point A around and well back to point A, and after a relatively easy week role on the weekend. I had started to plan a nice run on the mountain when one of Dawn's friends said why don't we pop over for 'tea' (I don't drink tea, but being an Eleven-O-Clock engagement we'll call it tea, I took beer). So i changed my running route and planned on meeting Dawn on the road...

The quickest way to Fishhoek is along the Main Road, but it's flat and well ROAD, so I took the road to Tokai Forest. (Didn't have enough time to take the Green Belts up to my mountain and run across, that would have been awesome.) Next time, so to Tokai I headed:

Yes I'm heading up the gravel roads and to the left.
and up, the Mast is to the right and next week I race to the top, but today I turned left and headed into Silvermine West.

After a little road in the reserve I turned onto the River Trail and headed down to Ou Kaapse Weg and over into Silvermine East...

The path behind me
That's me looking fresh!!!

I was meant to call Dawn before I was to head down, but as I rounded the mountain I lost cell phone reception so I had to yake more pictures and run on...

Love that section of the mountain.
I stopped again later:

Kalk Bay
I call Dawn and told her she could leave home and pick me up on Boy's Drive...

Mr Garmin mapped my route
It was only 25km but I was out for over 2 hours and what for it... as I dropped of the mountain onto the Road my Sister and Brother-in-law were driving past, so they stopped to chat. If I haddn't bumped into them I might have got to 2h30...

Go Boston, the ladies are at 5km in 18:50...


  1. Thanks for taking so many pics. It's a beautiful part of the world that you get to run in.

  2. You mountain snob. Too good to run on the road. :) You would so love to run where I live. One day we'll get you here!
    I love running on the road, and I am a total trail chicken. I am tough on the uphills and major chicken on the downhills. Love downhill on the road, but trail downhills scare me.
    Sounds like a great run! Awesome pics as always.

  3. Love the photos!!
    Love to run from point a to point a.
    What if you never leave point a? Are you still in a?

    I know only a crazy tm runner would ask that! ;)

    1. if you never leave point a you didn't run, unless you are on a treadmill!!!!

  4. Beautiful adventure, as always. Can't blame you for not wanting to take to the roads!

  5. I still chuckle every time I see you write Mr. Garmin, I love it.