Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Were does one start a post like this?

Maybe I could start by telling you it's not me going under the knife, but it was my wife last week...

As much as this is a sudden thing it's been there for years without us picking up the problem! So lets not go back 15+ years but only back to December last year. Dawn's running hadn't been going well for a couple of months, but things looked like they might have turned a corner. So come December Dawn lined up for a half marathon and it didn't go well, her whole body hurt and she ended up running a PW (personal worst!). After a couple of weeks she lined up for a 15km which broke her, at about 8km something went and she should have pulled out and got a lift, but...

Her body slowly came right but her groin was still sore, and after 2 physio appointments she decided that was fine and took a bit of time off, after all groins take a long time to come right. (I thought this was caused by her, now very funny running style!)

Anyway after weeks of limping I sent her to a different physio... It didn't take long for the Physio to send her for x-rays and well a month later THE KNIFE.

So what was wrong, and how did it happen? We can really only guess as to what really happened, but my guess goes like this:

First up it wasn't her groin giving her problems, but her HIP!!! the cartilage in her left hip was, broken and gone... Why maybe it's because one leg is longer than another and that put her pelvis out... (it wasn't straight in the x-ray) Then with years of hard running it just wore the joint out...

On 22 June 2012 I took her in the the hospital for a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing!

This is what you get...
What it looks like...

She was under for about 2 hours and by the time I popped in she was lying in a bed wanting chocolate!!!

They don't mess around, the next day they moved her to a general ward and they also had her up and walking... OK the physio was there and she had a zimmer frame! (she only made it to the door and back, but 2 days later she was in the passage wanting to race (Yes my wife is even more competitive than me!) the other patients on crutches!!!

I took she home on the Tuesday, four day after the surgery.

I was the perfect husband I took a week off work and was at home to be at her beck and call...

Well not really I did have to feed and walk the dogs twice a day, I did have to bring her this and that, I did have to get satellite so she could watch the tennis... Go Roger!

But I did have time to run, and run I did:

Chappies in the back ground

Hout Bay below
I run up the Mountain, I ran down the mountain, I ran on the road, I went to the club and ended the week with 150.7km my biggest week in over 9 years!!!

Dawn doing well and if it wasn't for all the other aches and pains... her wrist, her back, her Neck she would be doing really well...

Next week it's down to a walking stick then 3 weeks later it's all fix!!! Then it's the long road back... yes I've read of people who have run a marathon 4 month after the op, but I think that is stupid. She will head back to the gym when she can drive in a couple of weeks. for starters it will be lots of swimming and cycling.

Go Dawn


  1. I will keep Dawn in my prayers for a speedy recovery! I work in a rehab center (nutrition dept). It is amazing how the body responds. A positive attitude is a must! In this regard, seems like Dawn is right on - helps, no doubt, that she has a very supportive best friend. Can't end a comment on your post without noting the beautiful, paradise-like pics. Simply ...WOW!

  2. I am so sorry that Dawn (and you!) had to go through this, but so glad that it all went smoothly and that it sounds like she is well on her way to recovering fully. Hugs to you both!

  3. I am so gald everything went well!! Hugs and prayers for Miss Dawn.
    Runners do everything better... Even recover.

  4. I totally missed this post the other day (probably because I couldn't sit at my computer for long). I hope Dawn's feeling well soon. It's tough for an active person to be forced to slow down for a bit and frustrating to have to build up again after losing fitness and strength. But if she's as competitive as you assure us, she'll be up running as well as ever in no time.

  5. oh wow. It sounds like it went great though! A fresh hip for some badass running soon, I'm sure. Happy Recovery!

  6. Go, Dawn! I hope she continues to enjoy life! I can't wait for mine :)