Monday, September 17, 2012


This weekend coming I will line up for my 61th Marathon and like all of you know, with a week to go you have a little look at the log book and see how things have gone:

  1. Weekly mileage: Over the last 15 weeks I've averaged 94km, but more importantly the last 5 weeks is only 89km, so I've lost a bit of distance...
  2. Long runs: Looking at them now I don't think I've done enough to 'race' a marathon. Things started well 5 weeks ago with 30km on the road at a good pace, but since then, it's been just to short... So the week after that 30 I only did 22 on the road on the Sunday and Saturday trail was only 2h13, the 20 on the road would have been enough if I have put in another half hour on the Saturday. Now that sort of thing has been happening week in and week out...
  3. Sessions: I think it looks OK so running at our 4min pace should be no problem...
  4. Rest: well that is down for this week, well it would be if I didn't have another race to train for... The marathon is really just a training run for a race on the 13th of October!!!
Any one else running a marathon this weekend?
Hope you are resting well...


  1. Wow--61 marathons! Good for you. Hope you smash it!

  2. I will be racing this weekend too, although I am slower and have much less experience than you!!! Good luck, be fast (as you always are!) and have a blast. :)

  3. I'm sure that even after 60 plus marathons that they never seem easy. Good luck for this weekend and enjoy your taper.

  4. Good luck with your 61st marathon. Strewth, eight was quite enough for me! I wouldn't worry too much about that 'only 89kms' week. I never ran more than that but still managed good times - for my age.
    Have a great race.