Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I was lucky enough the plan a rest week over the New Year, so after a couple of big weeks to end the year I started the New Year with a couple of easy runs... But there is only so long you can rest for:
This is how my year ended and the new one began...
Monday 24 Dec: 10.3km including 10 x 200m (not hard, just tempo to keep the legs turning over.
Tuesday 25 Dec: Yes Christmas day I went for a run, up the mountain from home, 8km out took me to the top of Nursery Ravine... (this was before church)

Looking a bit old a weather beaten

That looks better!
Wednesday 26 Dec: AM 50km cycle with Dawn, but I don't call cycling real exercise, so that afternoon I headed out for 21.1km 89:16. That's the trouble when I run with Ms 310!!!
Thursday 27 Dec: Can't spend the whole day at home, so I went for a 25km run 2h17:00 half of it on the mountain, took a couple of pictures...

It was early and the horse were still in their PJs...
Friday 28 Dec: Popped up to the Nek to meet a couple of friends, but missed them!!! So went for a run with some-one else I met, just up the road to the Dam on the mountain, 5km up and then back. Didn't want a big run as I had something special planned for the next Day!!!
Saturday 29 Dec: Met the boys at the club (UCT) for a little run!!! Over 3h14 later we had only run 26.4km, but with 1300m+ climb and most of it on single track including Devils Peak in the mist...

I reached the top!
This is Cape Town in Summer, not Scotland!
Sunday 30 Dec: was flat and on the road 11.5km.

So yes it was time for an easy week!!!

We have, what they call the Runners Memorial 8km race on the 31st each year and it was to be Dawn's come back race after a Hip-Op!!! I was running with her and if we walked the whole way I would still need a run, so I ran 5km in the morning (ok it was 4 x 1km reps and a bit of a warm up and down). 18h00 race Time, Dawn and I hid on the side so as not to get in the way of the fast runners and to be ahead of the slow walkers!!! My wife ran like a star, running the whole way with only 3 of the 8km over 6min we finished in 47:20.
Tuesday 1 Jan: The plan for the rest of the week 4km easy run about the block.
Wednesday 2 Jan: OK I was going to just jog around the block, but Eddie gave me a call... So I took him for a little stair session at Rhodes Mem!!!
Thrusday, Friday and Saturday 3, 4, 5 Jan; I just head out round the block for 4-5km,
Sunday 6 Jan: Bay to Bay 30km... Yes the year starts with a bang, no time to get into it, 30km first up, but all the coach says is: just make sure you can run the last 5km.

Lots of us heading out.
My timing was perfect: I finished with a 1h57:57, the same time as 2012...
With Sunday under the belt training has started and last night (Tuesday) they were dropping like flies as the first track session of the year was down as 30 x 200m (45sec rest). It's only 6km hard, but 30 is a big number and 200m is short, so we / they were running fast. I wonder if any of them can walk today!!! We have a little 12-15km forest run to get through...

Has your year's hard training also started, and do you need to work as hard as me to burn of the Christmas Eve Dinner and Christmas day lunch, not the mention the beer and wine, Champagne and chocolate!!!

Roll on 2013


  1. Some great runs there, well done! I in hard training as well. Comrades is on the plan and some great trail races as well. I have about 10kg to drop.

  2. Just as I suspected - your 'rest' is not really rest at all.

    Training has started for me but it's only hard because of the weather conditions. The heat is unbearable combined with the humidity so it makes even short, easy runs harder than you expect. Rehydration is the name of the game at the moment.

  3. I felt tired reading all that! You sure do push yourself. I'm still trying to rid myself of the surplus Christmas/New Year calories. Did 12 x 200m yesterday @ 45 secs but took longer jog recoveries than your lot did.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  4. Your seeming nakedness in that second picture completely distracted me and I missed the rest of the post. What happened? Are you naked in that picture?