Thursday, July 25, 2013

Not much to say:

This is just a short post to say:

I took last weekend off, NO I still ran and one of my runs was a 10km race, but the other day, Sunday, was only an easy 5.5km. Yes I've been taking this week a little easier... I have a big race on the weekend and the thought of start on tired legs isn't will only make from a long day in the rain!!!

Yes we have rain on the weather front for Saturday as we tackle the +_ 38km of the
Hout Bay Trail Challenge
last year I wasn't in the race mentally, long story (read about it here). This year I have not a worry in the world and I hope to be a whole lot faster than the 4h48 of last year, I would like to run colse to 4h15, and I believe I can... (will the weather let me)

Tonight I register and then I have to ensure I have all the gear, water, food, rain gear, first aid stuff, and the list goes on...

The 10km last weekend was far easier, I just pinned my race rumber on the night before popped through to Table View entered and got ready to run. I didn't really race, just set out quickish and then settled into half marathon race pace... I think I had another 5+km in the legs at that pace so maybe by the time I have my half to race I will be ready to race... but that is a story for then.

Pack the bags and get ready for the weekend... Time to race


  1. 38k should require more prep than 10k but having to fill a long list? I guess that trail running is just so much different to on the road where it's fully supported. Good luck!

  2. The prep was done in the weeks before, let's hope it's enough...