Friday, January 3, 2014


WOW, can you believe another year is over and it's time to start planning 2014...

Now before we think about what lies ahead I had better have a little look back at 2013:

First lets just see what I've been doing since I last wrote, so that takes us back to Christmas. I was at work on Christmas eve and with it being a half day I decided to put my run in before work. Lots of eating to do with the family that evening and so much to do before then. So I was up at 05h00 and I was running hills. Yes a hill session of 10 x a 400m hill (95-100sec) I was planning on earning Christmas dinner with my Sister and all the family.

All dressed up
It wasn't that late when we rolled home, But Dawn and I had thought a lot about Christmas day and planned on going to the 11h00 service, giving us a little time in the morning.

I headed off at 7 up the mountain, Nursery Ravine, from home it's 8km to the top and 750m climb, just the way to burn off a couple of mince pies!!! Dawn just ran past a friends house to check that all was well (1 of 3 houses we were looking after) before heading home to wake up her friend (best friend from Scotland) who was staying with us. Then the 2 of them took the dogs to the beach for a walk!

Already hot at the top...
Christmas Dinner was at 18h30 with Dawn's family, and they were coming to us. I had Chicken and Lamb to cook on the fire...

With so much food consumed I met a couple of friends at Constantia Neck on the 26th and the 3 of us ran up to the Dams for a swim. (another 600m of climb)

Perfect for a swim!
Saturday saw us head out to Houw Hook Inn for a wedding:

Dawn's goddaughter!
We partied to midnight before heading to our room. Wait for it, at 06h30 I was up to join Bret for a little run on the mountains behind the Inn:

After 5km of climbing!

Bret crossing a mnt bike bridge
As if all of that wasn't enough I joined my from Eddie on Monday the 30th for 3 hours of trails:

No 100m record were run that day!
With the office still closed Dawn and I choose to put in a 2 hour cycle on the 31st, Then while dawn took the dogs for a walk I headed out for a run, don't worry I didn't head up the mountain, I headed to the track for 10 x fast slow 200's!

Now finally with the year behind us let's have a look at the magic numbers:

Garmin calls it: 4 560.31km run (I call it 4 555.2km)
Time: 370h59:10
Elevation gained: 112 844m
Day's run: 365
Races run: 47 (I also ran 4 x 5km TT that's another 20km!!!)

Distance: 991.8km should have run that other 10km

Best times for the year:

5km 17:23 didn't really race
10km 33:23
15km 51:51
21.1km 74:26
Marathon: 2h52:45 (to close to that half!)
I also did OK in a couple of trail races!!!

If you look at that I can't be unhappy...

2014, let it bring more of the same!!!


  1. What a great year you had CD and no, you can't really be unhappy about that. Great photos too, but that one of you bare chested against a brilliant blue sky really p-sses me off. Back here it's blowing a gale and perishing cold. I've got the central heating turned up to full and just ordered an electric blanket!
    Here's wishing you all the best for 2014.

  2. Great year! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and happy 2014!! :)

  3. You really know how to do the Christmas break. Running, running and more running. Love it!

  4. Sounds like you had a good Christmas burning off mince pies. :) Nicely done for the year. 2800+ miles is seeing some running in the books! Well done on the races too.

  5. Hey Coach! here is somethiing to aspire to:

    1. Not aiming at anything, just one day at a time... (and 50 years would take me to 92... we might just get there!!!)

  6. Those stats are insane.... wow.. one day I will get halfway there... :)