Friday, February 28, 2014


What Peninsula behind us and Oceans ahead of us it's time to look ahead and see when is on the program for the next couple of weeks:

Now I know every good program has a couple of easy weeks after a marathon, and so they should, but while it was 42.2km it was really just a long run, I have other races to run. AFRICAN X is the first one in the radar, a 3 day 90km pairs trail race... and Chad my Blind Date!!! Yes a blind date, I have never run with him and it's been about 2 years since we even raced each other, so things should be fun. He's run a couple of races this year and been up front mixing it with the kids, and winning the geriatric class... His time on the long Slivermine trail was faster than my last years, but was I racing, I had raced an 11km trail the day before and had a marathon to worry about the next week, so who knows...

I've run a number of team (pair) events and while it's fun to have some-one to run with it can be scary, very scary if your team mate is stronger than you, while if he's just faster than you it's only day one to worry about. These things I don't know, so with African X a little over 2 weeks away I need to get fit.

A lot can happen in 2 weeks and while I up the mile this week I also plan to line up for a 10km road race to see where the legs are...


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    1. I did, but then I lost connection so lost what I wrote... But it's really about doing all that you can, so I know I can run 160km a week.... But time seems to be a problem and those lotto numbers just don't come in!!!

      Remember fit is different for everyone. So my fit and your fit aren't the same!

  2. Thanks for the comment about my race, you were the main person I thought of - since you had written a couple comments over the past couple months about my 2014 would likely go well, and so far you are dead on. I do think I can PR at Bay to Breakers race in May, as long as I get some good hills in - wish I was in SA to train on yours lol. Right about my house I have to drive to get to some hills haha.