Wednesday, March 18, 2015


So with the weeks disappearing each one faster than the last. Oceans is almost upon us and if we haven't been doing the work we are going to be found wanting. 

The question is am I going to be found wanting or have I done enough? Then again I could have over done it and I could be lining up with heavy legs, only time will tell! 

So let's have a look at the log book... as they say hind sight is always 20-20, and the log book is just that! 

So just how far back am I going to look?  Well I ran a marathon February 15 and after a recovery week it was time to start the Oceans buildup. 

Week 1:
Was really just getting back into running and the most important sessions came on the weekend with 2h20 on the mountain on Saturday and 21km of tempo on Sunday. 100km logged! 

Week 2:
Started well with 2 session,  one of 30 x 200m and the other 2 x 5km.  But because of the Argus cycle tour I only got one decent run of 2h25 on the mountain. ( I did sneak in a couple of hills 2 x 1km hill with 130m climb! ) 80km logged!

Week 3:
First full week.. 2 session, first 3 x 3km and a set of 35 x 200m then I rounded the week off with 2 hours on the mountain and 30km tempo on the road. (I also snuck another trail hill session of 3 x 1km with 130m climb) 112km logged!

Week 4:
This is week 4 and with 25 x 400m last night and a hill session planned for Thursday I might get though another good week. I just need to not be lazy on the weekend! 

Week 5:
The last week of training and I have sessions of 1000m's and hills lined up so maybe things are moving in the right direction. 

Watch out Oceans I'm racing ready or not... are you?


  1. I weekly mileage you log is impressive. Your body must really love to run. If I went up to those numbers I'd get injured or be overtrained.

    1. I know this isn't going to sound right but... I don't train that hard, I'm just to lazy!

  2. I don't train, as such, any more. I just bumble along, letting it flow, enjoying my surroundings, stopping to take pictures, and hoping it will go on like this forever.....

    1. While I'm the Coach I think it best if I'm in there training with the team...