Monday, January 11, 2016


With 2016 in full swing I thought I should look back at the year that was 2015!

  • Bay to Bay 30km Road, Wasn't running well and hurt at the end. 2h03:21 (7th 40+)
  • Trail series 1 Tygerberg, didn't climb well but did run well over the 2nd half. (8th, 2nd 40+)
  • Red Hill 36km Road, Just a training run, but would have like energy to run down a couple of old men! 2h31:08 (4th 40+)
  • Trail series 2 Constantia, Struggle on the way out, it was hot, but finished strong. (7th, 2nd 40+)
  •  Trail series 3 Lebanon, head wasn't in the race. (11th, 3rd 40+)
  • XL trail Silvermine, ran hard and well till about 3km from the end when I needed to stretch out a bit of cramp, but finished well. (3rd, 2nd 40+)
  • Penisula Marathon Road, with last weeks XL trail race in my legs I didn't push for a good time but took it easy at the end. 2h57:48 (4th 40+)
  • Trail series 4 Oak Valley, enjoyed the race and ended up racing one of my athletes. (he out sprinted me.) (5th, 2nd 40+)
  •  Tygerberg 30 Road, starting to come right, but scared to push in the last 2km. 2h00:29 (2nd 40+)
  •  Oceans Trail, Didn't have the race I wanted! (9th, 2nd 40+)

  • JMC, ran out of energy after 3 hours last hour was hard work! (8th, 3rd 40+)
  • Slave Route Half Road, with JMC only a week ago I lost a bit on time in the last 5km 81:42 
  • HMC, had hoped to run better, but I can't really complain. (4th, 2nd 40+)
  • The Beast, new race... just had to run it. Cramped a bit after 5 hours and lost the lead guys. (3rd, 1st 40+)
  • That ended a big month!
  • Table Mt 16km, this my the 26th time I've run this race and wihout lots of hill training I was happy (3rd, 1st 40+)
  •  Bastille 25, Again I felt I could have had more at the end to run down the youngsters. (6th, 1st 40+)
  • HBTC, The legs gave up running in the 2nd half, but was lucky to hold to the end. (8th, 1st 40+)
  •  Pinelands 10km, No real speed. 36:47
  • John Korasie 30km starting to feel strong again. 2:04:51
  •  TMC, last minute decition to run needed a long run... a little longer than needed and the last couple of km I slowed. (5th, 2nd 40+)
  • 3 Vlei 10k, don't run a 10km race the day after a 44km trail race! 37:42
  • Marloth, stunning race, but was never running well and couple run the hill in the 2nd half (9th, 2nd 40+)
  •  La Carpa Goat Run, had fun out there! (1st!)
  • The Cape Leopard Trust Trail race, legs were heavy and I had to work hard. (1st!)
  • Ommiedraai 10km, legs heavy from yesterday's trail race! 37:30
  •  Landmarks Half, my 200th half. 82:02 (2nd 45+)
  • Winelands Marathon, a marathon is a long way without enough training... 2h58:18
  • Edgemead 10km, shouldn't have run this... 36:52
Sinces Winelands Marathon I've not really been running (just ticking over) trying to let my body recover from the year of hard running on tired sore legs...

I have no plans for 2016 as yet, but 2015 while not my greatest year, I had a couple of good results and while I didn't meet the standards I set for myself I can't be unhappy.

Thank you CONTEGO for getting me to the startline!


  1. And I thought I had a pretty big year. The number of racces you do always impresses me.

  2. Almost every single one of those are top 10 finishes! You can surely run!