Monday, January 1, 2018

GOALS 2018

January 1 and everybody is setting goals and resolutions for the New Year...

Over the years I've set many running goals but they have seldom been made on January 1st! They get set after reaching the last goal or when coming back from an injury.

My comeback may only be starting on 1 February but I'm excited and scared, 4 months of no exercise has left me fat and unfit (by my standards). It's going to be a long road back.

So the question is: What is this old body still capable of?
I'm looking at running a marathon in September so everything I do from 1 February will be building to that.
1. Goal 1, to finish
2. Goal 2, to be running well at the end.
3. Goal 3, sub 3...
So in talking this through with my coach he says: first we'll need a 21min 5km (marathon race pace)

No problem I said... Park Run here I come! That said it will take at least a month before running 5km is easy so maybe come March we'll think about the first test!

Next goal will be 10km in 42min and then a sub 90 half.

I know I should be able to run sub 3 for the marathon again, but can I do it off 8 months training?

Make that 9 months training... I'm starting today! No I won't be running but I'll start with a couple of slow walks with the puppies and a push up or two should help! Ok I'll also throw in a couple of planks and some calf raises! And then when I can bend my knee enough I'll start turning over on the bike (I've also got Argus on the cards.)

Now let me get training...
2018 here we come

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  1. Your lean and mean in your picture of the plank. I disagree whole hearted about being fat and out of shape. I'm looking forward to reading more about your journey to the Sept race!