Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cross Training

Last week was my shortest week of running since September 1999. Back then I was coming back from an injury that had put me out of action for 9 months, and no I wasn't pregnant!!! Having not been able to run the HBTC on the weekend I had to do something. So before the Tour De France got exciting I decided to clean out a cupboard. This didn't last long as I found my old skipping rope and decided that I could skip, without putting strain on my hamstring. I went outside and started jumping... 200, 300, 100, that was about 5 minutes of jumping. I wasn't that tired, but it's a bit boring as you don't get anywhere.

Sunday morning Dawn went for a run and I lay in bed, but only for an extra 10 min. I then got up and took the dogs to the field for a walk, and decided to run a bit to test my leg. 1km later I called it enough as I could feel the hamstring. Peanut had stuck with me the whole way, while Shandy had taken short cuts across the field. With the dogs walked and Dawn still running I picked up the rope and started jumping. This time it was 5min without stopping another 600 jumps.

Monday I popped up to the club and once I had sent the kids off training I took out my rope and started jumping 5min, 660 jumps. Then I walked across the field to tackle the pull up bar. I think I've put on weight... as I struggled to pull myself up. Once back at the club house I jumped again, another 5 min, 670 jumps. I then tried a couple of push ups before the last 5 mins of skipping 670 jumps.

With 15min and 2000 jumps behind me I called it a day, let us see if I can keep my fitness up with the old skipping rope.

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