Wednesday, April 6, 2011


In my quest to become a lean mean running machine I have been getting up at 05h00 for the easy morning run. Back in the '90s I met a group of friends and we would run +_8km 4 mornings a week. Back then it was easy and even if I had been out 'clubbing' till 03h00 I would be up at 05h00 to join them for my morning run before work.

Now the years have past I'm older, married and living in a different neighbourhood, so things are very different. Now, only on the odd mornings will find me running around the dark streets of my neighbourhood. (I should have run through summer as I would have been running in the light.)

This morning was such a morning: I was up early and out in the dark running off last nights dinner, Hawaiian Chicken. The mornings are perfect at the moment, nice and dark and not yet the 'cold' and wet of a Cape Town winter. The first half of my morning run route took me up past Wynberg Park. I spend most of the first 4.5km climbing, but then it's down hill all the way home. A little run like that just sets me right for the day, and I still have the energy to climb the stairs when I get to the office.

Maybe I'll run again Friday morning.

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