Thursday, July 28, 2011


I've been back from Holiday a couple of weeks now and this last week saw my training back in full swing.

I keep saying to myself: I'm going to back off racing for a bit, then something comes up and I find myself aiming at another race or 4!!!

Yes there are 4 races I would like to do well in, in the next couple of months, so I had better get the training right or not one of them will come off...

  • 1st up is WP Cross Country Champ. 8km 40+ men... I would love a 3rd place, but I'm not fast enough for that so it will depend on who turns up for the race in 2 weeks time.
  • Next up is a biggy 30km Jonkershoek Mountain Extreme (this one should be fun)
  • Now we move on to the end of September for the Otter Trail. This is the most amazing 5 day hiking trail that we race over one day!!! About 42km in all, we"ll see what Mr. Garmin calls it this year.
  • That makes 3 races, now the 4th I haven't entered, but I think I might have to pull a couple of strings to get an entry... The race in Question is the crazy Table Mountain race!! Why didn't I enter? Well I am going to Otter 2 weeks later and didn't want to race both races, so why the change of mind? It looks like Salomon international will have a couple of their top athletes in town and I like having my ass kicked!!!!
Better pack my bags and get training...

After all the Coach has spoken!


  1. LOL! That's funny. Well, good luck gettin' your ass kicked! I know the feeling. I get my ass kicked all the time!

  2. Good luck with all these upcoming races. Table Mountain does sound crazy. Any race with the word mountain in it sounds a little crazy to me.