Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So it was Monday and I was ready to start training, but Monday is an easy day and an easy 10 in the forest. followed by 5mins on the stairs at the club house. This was day one and I could put a tick in the training box.

Now late last week Dawn had noticed I had a couple of "flea" bites on my leg, they didn't go away...

Flea bite wasn't a flea bite...
Tuesday my foot was a little swollen, but I made it through work... Not just any day at work, but I was in training and come lunch I took the stairs (3 x to the 15th floor). 

Now I know we had a session on the cards for that evening, but the weather was bad, both windy and wet, so I switched the session to Wednesday and we headed for the forest. Top Gate, 15km, forest out and road back. My swollen foot was working well and we came back at 4min/km (it is down hill). 

Wednesday morning my foot was still swollen and I ended up not running that evening. I called my sister-in-law (she's a doctor) and she said I needed drugs!!!!!

Thursday was very hard for me... Dawn called a Doctor and got me an appointment to see him. Why is that hard? I haven't been to a doctor in about 15 years and 15 years before that...

What my leg looked like!!!
All rapped up
All I can now say is:  I had better be running soon or the wine will run out. (Good thing I was able to buy 2 cases on the weekend)

My leg is still sore, but it's a whole lot better...


  1. if it isnt a flee bite what is it then? and get well soon! :)

  2. Wow, hope you feel better soon! What bit you do you think? Definitely not a flea it looks like!

  3. WHAT???!!! Did they say what caused it? This is horrible but hopefully superficial and it will go away! This is not allowed! xoxo

  4. Is this a MRSA attack? Looks painful, hope it heals ASAP!