Friday, September 16, 2011


With my leg still all strapped up I went for a little run last Sunday. I wanted to know how my leg would hold up and since I had been back at work and was walking ok I had to get out... (Real reason: I was heading for a zero week and we can't have that, can we!!!!)

I ran up to VOB, about 2km from home and headed for the rugby fields. With the help of Mr Garmin I ran 5 x 200m: 56.4  46.8  46.2  42.8  40.4 (This in not on a track but a rugby field which is rougher than some trails I've run on. It was also my first run in 12 days, and I just wanted to try my legs at a faster pace.)

My legs were working I could head home and start planning my come back...

Day 1 Monday: easy run (this week only 6km) followed by 4 x 200m at 1km pace (this week it was 1km pace alright, the pace I run 1km intervals at...) 39.4  39.1  36.5  39.1.

Day 2 Tuesday: it was raining and I didn't want to get my leg wet. That said I did have 5 guys (OK one was a lady) doing the 400s

Day 3 Wednesday: nothing went right I didn't run.

Day 4 Thursday: Still not up to to much running, so I hit the track:
1km warmup 4:16,
then 4 x 200m 35.6, 37.2, 33.9, 35.9 (a little better tan Sunday attempt, grass a little slippery)
then 4 x 50m 8.3, 8.1, 7.8, 8.2 (I decided it was also my style that had gone to pot...)
I then joined the guys for 1000s, 4:03, 3:53, 3:53 (just controlled running)

I don't really know what the weekend hold, but I hope to be watching the race I was to run, and then Sunday I have to pick my lovely wife up from the airport.

Let the weekend start...

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  1. damn! I hope this is the end of this injury. I'm glad you got to run something. A zero week is hell. Just think how fired up you'll be for your next race! It can only get better. Hang in there!