Friday, February 3, 2012


It was a windy Wednesday and I had taken my running stuff to work, there was no time to head home first, this race was out North. (OK it wasn't really out north, but it was in the Northern Suburbs).

The ride (Remember I'm on a motorbike) out there was simple, down the N1, take the turnoff and the about 3km up that road follow the signs to Tygerberg Nature Reserve... The Reserve is at the top of the hill (people were parking half way down the hill and walking up) with amazing views of Table Mountain,

(OK it wasn't so good today)
but I wasn't here for the view, I was here to race:
Now I would like to say: We jostled for a spot on the front row, and then all to suddenly the shot broke the eerie silence and we were off... But it was nothing like that, we where all still chatting when Owen said 10 seconds and then GO...

I was off, with my 40+ win last week I know if I could pull off another victory today I would have a shot at the series title!

the start
Yes we had 300m of tar at the start (and finish). That is me in the yellow trying to get a lead before the down hill. as we crested the top I had some young upstart with me, then over the top he let loose... Then Ake also came past, also flying. Just a point here I was running at 3:10 /km this madness ended after 400m and things returned to normal! I ran down Ake and the young upstart, but Nic also pulled up to the front, as did Allan (my 40+ competition) Eddie and 2 Zimbo's... I was working hard really pushing the the next couple of km's. Yes it was still down hill, but if I let them get ahead I might never make it back into the picture.

We were now running along a single track on the side of the "hill" (it's not really a mountain), I could see the leaders, now 10-15sec ahead, but the it wasn't going to stay that way, we had to get back up... One by one they fell, the Zimbo's and Eddie, Allan had put in a walk, and then I had Nic... He didn't stay with me as I just kept running (OK it was jogging, that km from 4.5km to 5.5km had taken me 6:27, and I had climbed 141m). For the 4th race in a row I was in the lead at half way, I crested the top and took off, I was pushing, but I had no speed. Nic soon joined me and together we weaved down and around to the dam at the bottom of the course. I could hear Allan catching and the 3 of us rounded the dam together. With just the climb to the finish left I thought I had a chance, but the gradient wasn't kind to me and the 2 of them ran away from me leaving me in 3rd (2nd 40+)

I need to get fit....


  1. I am so jealous that you get to race so often. Great job!

    1. Wait for it I run a half in Saturday and the last in the trail series on Sunday.

  2. YOU need to get fit?! Where does that leave the rest of us?

    My empathies to your wife - although I'm a little jealous that she's allowed 5k every second day. I hope she heals soon.

  3. I grew up in Bellville and did my first trail running training runs on Tygerberg hills. Unfortunately I live in PE now and haven't had a oppurtunity to race there. When I trained there I always thought about the home ground advantage I would have should a race be held there. Ai, maybe next year.

  4. Another exciting report, though you'll be a bit niggled Allan went past on the final climb. Are you still in with a chance of winning the series - after you've 'got fit'?