Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Look at that week 2 is now a thing of the past, and what a week...

So were does one start? I could start with the weekend of races and all that excitement, but you will have to read on, I'm starting with Monday
  • Monday: With a 10km race in Town I moved the 1st session of the week to Monday so we could have plenty of Athletes a) doing the session and b) running the race, if I had kept the session on Tuesday those wanting to run the race would have lost out on a session as they would have felt it a good thing to rest/take easy the day before a race... It was a great session, the wind was blowing something special and we were in luck as I had fast slow 200m on the cards. So with the wind at our backs we took off running fast. OK a couple of the guys ran fast I'm still slow... 36 ish sec but I'm a lot stronger than the  youngsters and my slows were a lot faster than theirs. I was running in my New Balance Minimus 00 and it was easy and I just kept going 10 - 15 and decided that 17 fast would be enough for the day.
graph of fast slow looks good
  •  Tuesday: Just an easy run in the forest.
  • Wednesday: I didn't run the race, and took the guys felt behind for an easy road run of 12km.
  • Thursday: Hills!!! In my quest to get fit and strong I ran with a pack... OK I am a trail runner and am required in longer races to carry my own water and stuff, so I like to train with a pack on from time to time. Carrying that weight made it hard work and I started to loss it on number 5, 2:08  2:08  2:08  2:12!!! then I was finished 2;20...
  • Friday; started at 5h15 when I popped out for an easy jog around the block. It didn't end there I spent my lunch registering for:
EXPO here we come.

Lots of people lots of biking stuff
  •  Saturday: Race day, well I wasn't racing, I was just going to run the race... I left home on foot. (the race starts 2km from our place) with plenty of time to spare... Now since my Sunday was a little full I knew I needed a couple of extra km this morning, so I ran a little 8km loop to get to the start! (was lazy and should have aimed at 10-12km). The race went well, I set the pace for a friend looking at dipping under 57min. We had a nice group and the km were easy 18:33 at 5km and 36:48 at 10km, then we climb a little hill and I decided to run down a couple of team mates... so I didn't slow!!! I know I didn't need to, but!!! don't worry I did check over my shoulder and Stef was doing just fine. I wasn't able to pick the pace up at the end, so settled for holding it at 3:40ish... I finished in 55:46 coming 36th and 4th 40+.
  • Sunday: Cycled day... with the bike packed in the car we drove to the start and joined the other 30 000!!! 
Spider webs on the bike!!!
It was warm and going to get hot, but the wind wasn't blowing so it was going to be a great day out...

The start line for group DD
Dawn waiting to start
We started at 7h56 a good 1hour 40 behind the leads... So there was no ways I was going to win, so we took it easy and waved to the crowds:

OK Dawn waved and I peddled
The winners finished the 110km in 2h36, and if you half our time of 4h59 (there are 2 on us) we would have won!!!

Yes I still went for a run that evening, but only had time for 8km as I had spent the afternoon moving furniture for my folks...

Look at that another week gone and I don't feel any fitter, I need to get in a long run this weekend...


  1. Looks like a great (and fun!) week!

    Enjoy the warm temps while they last. Do you guys get snow down there? I am guessing your "winter" is quite different from mine. :)

  2. Don't know where you get all your energy from, your schedule would kill me!
    Tried to buy some NB Minimus shoes the other week but couldn't find any round here. So bought another pair of NB MT 101's which suit me fine.

    1. My energy come for the African sun...

      Love the NB Minimus 00 for track (grass) and will use them for CC, I just think I need a little more shoe for fynbos bashing on the mountain... maybe I must look at the 101!

  3. I can't imagine doing workouts carrying water and what not. Hills are difficult enough as it is!!