Monday, March 19, 2012


This is the end of week 3 of 5 hard weeks in my build up to Oceans. I'm running the long trail race, which was 22km last year and took me 2hours06... Now that time was good enough to win last year, but this year I'm guessing I'll have to be 10min faster if I want a chance of winning again. So am I on target:

Short answer, NO, long answer, maybe... So how did this last week go?

Monday, easy forest run, recovery after the cycle tour on Sunday.

Tuesday, 15x400m good session 75sec ave...

Wednesday, 15km midweek long... Run nicely.

Thursday, hills and more hills... 6 hard and 1 easy, ave 2:10..

Friday, easy morning run.

Saturday, wanted a long run, but has 'stuff' to do in town, so I hatched a plan... How about a run when I was finished! So at about 10:00 I put my stuff in my pack and set off for a run from KLOOF NEK.. and headed for:

Lions Head
 I haven't been up there in over 20 years and thought it would be a nice idea to pop up there as an easy Saturday run...

Table Mountain behind me
The climb from the car park took 21:50, I know it's not very fast, but you won't believe how busy the mountain was and I had to go round the chains (short cut). Coming down was the same story and I found myself waiting for a couple of kids climbing up the chains...

From there I still needed a bit of distance to I had to Signal Hill

Lion's Head to the right, it looks a long way up...

before heading back. I was out for 1hour 20 and had only run 13km. Not really enough km but long enough of the clock...

Sunday, what a busy day: I was on the road just after 07h00 (1km later I was in the Green Belt) heading for the mountain. I headed up the green belts to Cecilia Forest and then up Cecilia Ravine (forest stairs!!!)

Not my picture and not me in the picture...

I kept a slow jog up and down and up and up, then up again to the Bridle Path and up over the bridge and the tap, turning when Mr Garmin said 10km (64:20, 690m climb) ran back on the 'road' to the Nek and the back home through Die Hell. 22km (again not long enough), but 1h59:59 was plenty

Church at 10h00 and then off the the African Cross Country Champs... it was all it bit of a rush, but we got the see the :

Top Ladies
The ladies had already started and were 3km down...

Next up Men:

At the start
Still running at sub 3min/km
and yes there where a couple of SA guys...

Taking the corner
It was very exciting and there is nothing like seeing those guys eat up the km's... And all to soon there where 2 guys left fighting for a win...

Yes the Kenyan won, just look how easy, he speeds up to pass before the last little hills, 200m from the end, keep the sound down, I was getting excited as they ran past...


  1. How cool to get to see that race! What an amazing field of talent it had to be. And your run sounded amazing too.

  2. Great pics and what's up with 15x 400?!! That must be the secret to awesomeness!!! Good job. You got Oceans!!

  3. Wow, you get to see the best of the best in your own back yard. That's amazing.

  4. I think you have a great chance of winning and your training is going great.
    LOVE the race pics. These athletes look amazing. :)

  5. Good luck! You are lucky to have such beauty so close. Not that we don't have it here in Michigan but it's flat here(comparatively speaking)

  6. Have I read that right, 22km through the Cecilia forest and up the ravine, over the top and back home on the road, before Church, in two hours? And you call that a slow jog? It's back to the drawing board for me!
    Good luck in the Oceans.