Tuesday, August 7, 2012

200th 10km Race!

This goes back to 16 July 1988 while I was still at school, I can remember it vaguely: The Speedo 10km race out in Bellville. My 6th road race and my first 10km... I crossed the line in 38:24 I don't know my position or anything else, but that was one down!!! It would take 2 years before my next 10km race, but then...

In the early to mid 90's I would line up at the odd 10km race with the aim of running a PR, putting my body on the line and seeing how the weeks / months of training had paid off. Back then I felt if I wasn't hurting by 3km I wasn't running hard enough...

In August 1991 I followed one of the top Ladies (she had a great pair of legs) and dipped under 35min for the first time... At the same race in '93 I was flying and ran a PR of 32:10 a time that would last for 3 years.

June '96 I followed Steve Hollier, the top 40+ back then, in a quest to break 32, and failed by less than a second!!! Looking at my splits taken from the km boards back then I would bet the race was long, but Mr. Garmin was not around, so we will never know. In Jan 1997 I would run the Nando's 10km with Margy, she was coming back from injury, and our time of 46:41 would be my slowest. I've only been over 40min 21 times and most of them I've run with Dawn, both before we got married and since.

I was now racing marathons and on track so the need for speed, pure raw speed was gone... but I never stopped running 10km races... In November 2001 I would run my 100th, and together with 2002 I would run 17 10km races that year.

Now this last weekend I was up early on Saturday to go for a long run with a friend, then I ended up at the Cross Country by accident, and ran the 8km 40+ race. So with the rain falling and the wind blowing I don't know why I got out of bed on Sunday morning!!!

But it's a good thing I did... it was to be my 200th 10km race, The wind stopped and the rain stayed at bay!

I lined up with my friend Roger and the 2 of us ran a solid race:

3:39  3:39  3:42  3:38  3:35  18:16 (18:23 as per the race boards) this was a 2 lap race, so lap 2 went:
3:38  3:41  3:40  3:36  3:27  0:07 Garmin calls it a bit long... 36:24 (placing me 29th and 2nd 40+)

The missing stat... My average time for my 10km: 36:18


  1. Two hundred 10k events - that's huge! You must keep really good records of all your races. I'm lucky to remember what I did a couple of days ago let alone 24 years ago.

  2. Wonderful job and such great running memories!

  3. Very impressive on the 200 races! That is amazing! Olympics has been awesome, congrats to Rudisha on the 800 WR, amazing race by him. I'm happy the US got a medal in the 10K and 1500, hopefully they get another one tonight in 1500m women!

    1. Another late night... US just run a good 4 x 100m...

  4. Really awesome, well done! I've done 137 10km races. Since I started running ultras and trails I don't often do more than 1 10km race per year.

  5. Your 200th 10k?! How many races have you done in all? Amazing!