Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So this is what I do most weekend:

Some weekends I run from home, but when I don't it's in the Bakkie and off to the Nek (or where-ever I am starting my run from...

On the way there I warmup Mr Garmin:

Looking for Satellites
So by the time I stop I'm ready to run:

Sunny day = lots of people
I'm often alone, but the mountain is full of hikers and other runners it's not a problem! I do like to run with other guys, but that means setting a time and getting up early... sleeping in can be nice!

On the cards was an easy run up to Maclears beacon a loop and back, I only really plan on time out on the trail, yes Mr Garmin will tell me the distance, but I like to tell Dawn I'm be running for 2 hours and then heading home (8km down the road).

From the car park it climbs straight up to the Dams, on this day I took the gravel / concrete road up wanting to run!!! not climb the single tracks! I also wanted a little more distance for the time. In the back of my head I have set a time of 1 hour to Maclears Beacon, but I know that would be fast and taking the long way up (the road) maybe a little to fast, but the clock is running so I pushed on...

At the top of Nursery
It was perfect day to be on the mountain and I wasn't the only one up there:

Can you see the group of runners I passed in the middle of the picture?
It's been a couple of months since I was last on this route and I couldn't remember the splits, so I didn't know if a sub 60min was on the cards...

The closer I got the more I thought about it... the clock then ran out and I was well short, so I then started to wonder just how much quicker the single track up is... I would find out the next week as I took it up and was about 6min faster.

1hour 6min highest point on Table Mountain 1088m
Didn't just turn round and head back, but took a loop round and headed back through Echo Valley and past the Dams:

Long way to go...
getting closer
With the rain for the last couple of week the dams are full and looking good, I finished the 20.2km in 2h13:24, but with 1000m of climb I was really about the time on the legs. That said I did run 22.5km on the road on the Sunday and that was a little quicker...
 I like the one day on the mountain and one day on the road weekend, and I think it's paying off as I'm starting to feel fitter.


  1. Beautiful. Great run, too! i can't believe how full the damn is. Here in the states, we've been suffering from droughts!

  2. Great run (as always) and beautiful pics (as always!) Hope your wife is doing well and recovered.

  3. Great pics as usual, glad it was a good run!

  4. What a great run!!! I always feel like I'm breathing fresh air when I read your posts.
    Thanks Coach!!!

  5. Why would you run anywhere else?!! It's just beautiful. My favourite runs always take me past water - either a lake or a river. There's just something about water that's so uplifting.

  6. Nice run... love the image of the dams full

  7. I've got a race this weekend!!! It's gonna be awesome! I'm meeting my Running Team there! It's gonna be off the Hook!!

  8. Great to see some pics of the Cape, thanks! Nothing better than weekend time on the trails.